Celebrating Mom


By Greg Holt

The world will tell you that motherhood is something to be traded away, something that is unimportant – of little standing.  The world will tell you many things, most of them wrong, don’t you believe them!

Moms are important, needed, and required.  Moms, at least the good ones, are the very backbone of society, always have been, and always will be.

Who instilled values in you?  Mom.  Who helped educate you?  Mom.  Who loved and comforted you?  Mom.  Who took care of you at all times?  Mom.  Who slapped you upside the head when you needed it? (I needed it).  Mom.  Who was always there, even after you mistreated her?  Mom.

Who could fill mom’s shoes?  No one.

Today being a mom is just something that happens when, ooops, I’m pregnant, if it happens at all.  Rather than waste time being a mom, abort your child instead – it’s only a health care choice after all, right?

There are many other things much more important and of higher value than being a mom, so says today’s society anyway.

If a woman has children, being a mom is one of, if not the most important job(s) she will ever have.  Moms arguably have the most influence in shaping who their child will be as an adult.

Children are born a blank slate, we all learn, grow, and change as we age – and moms have a tremendous impact on that development.

Being a mom is a full-time job, a dedication, a calling, and a never-ending responsibility.

House cleaner, cook, transportation specialist, coach, teacher, the listening ear, disciplinarian, encourager, shopper, planner, strategist, player, team member, confidant, wisdom dispenser, prayer partner, wife, mother, and a gazillion other things I can’t think of.

If you are a mom, happy Mother’s Day, and thank you for all the many things that you do, you are special, let no one tell you otherwise.

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