The Left’s Continuous, Covert Denigration Of Christianity

I sit in disbelief every single day.  The left powered by Satan wishes to divide and conquer everything Christian. If you speak of this evil as demonic your labeled as a fanatic or Christian Nationalist. Especially after the events at Nancy Pelosi’s home involving her husband. Christianity does not call for violence. The demoncrats do. When Rand Paul was attacked at his home they applauded, when representatives like Maxine Waters and AOC called for violence in the streets they applauded. When SCOTUS was attacked with riotous activities at their home they applauded. They defunded Police, released murders and rapist into society with their radical justice system. Our vice president ran a campaign to pay jail for murderous rioters. (More) They applauded when facist groups burned down our cities.

This dystopian reality we live in today is beyond belief.  The satanic has taken over most every aspect of daily life.  I don’t have to list the ways.  But scrolling TV, especially the new shows you’ll find  not one broadcast that doesn’t include satanic sin.  Even the commercials are pushing homosexuality as gospel and the new norm.  Satan worshipers say that their greatest commandment says “do what you will.”  Do what makes you happy.  So yes, all that we’re witnessing is satanic in nature. 

The latest blasphemous, attack on Christians comes from an author Helgord Muller.
His new book is titled, Donald Trump, Son of Man, the Christ. And yes its content is every bit the title.  I haven’t read the book only one man’s book report.  I will not read this.  This clearly mocks not only all Christians but God and our Lord and Saviour.  The author Helgard Muller uses scripture enthusiastically, twisted into doctrines of demons, to prove Trump will take Christ’s seat at the Throne, and uses Christ’s betrayal and persecution to parallel Trumps.  But what turned my stomach was his comparison to Trump’s orange color to the face of our Lord using Mathew 17, where Jesus’ face shone like the sun. (Read more)
Matt Labash broke down this book, and I agree with his parting opinion:

“And if you’re of the opinion that Donald Trump is the only way God can right wrongs and carry out his will, then maybe your God ain’t all he’s cracked up to be, and you might ought to look into a new deity.  (No, not Ron DeSantis.)”

While I know  Christians wouldn’t  believe this, because we would surely know an antichrist, it never ceases to amaze me how far the left will go to denigrate Christ and His church. 
It’s time to examine everything. 

Especially when voting for those with God’s values. Examine them closely.

One more thing, we’re labeled by the left as Christian Nationalists. Clay Clark gave a answer I believe is from God. He advises to break it down. Christian means I believe in Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Nationalist means I do not believe in Globalism.

The left hates scripture. They hate God and the Son of Man. They hate the discernment that the Holy Spirit gives us. Rebuke them and their evil spirits in the name of Christ.

Do not believe every spirit but test them to see if they’re from God. (1John 4:1)
So hang on to scripture and know what time we’re in, because Satan has truly changed all times and customs. He is dividing the Saints.
Look up, our redemption draws near.


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This next one portrays the division the left perceives and pushes among Christians: How Much Power Do Christians Really Have?

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