Is America Following The Road To Hell?

I have been days writing this one post.  I took a step back and watched, and what God revealed is frightening.   Not what’s coming on the earth, but how many people are falling away!
Our leader is clearly suffering from dementia and incapable of heading the greatest country on earth.  He has declared we are in Armageddon worse than in John F. Kennedy’s day.  He has declared WWlll is here.  He knows nothing and his fruits reek of Satan not God.  The second in command told the world recently our greatest ally was NORTH Korea.  Wake up America!  Everything happening with bidens admin points to Obama and Valerie Jarrett pulling the strings.  The things they couldn’t finalize in 8 years are now being shoved down our throats.  Including a war with Russia.  Obama held a great disdain for the Bible and Christ. 

A Drudge headline shows the spirit of antichrist in full view!
” ‘Christian’ punk band cleanses the damned blood baptisms and wild chants.”
This is not Christian, it’s the spirit of antichrist.  I could say so much about this but suffice it to say any cult that demands you to waller in blood to cleanse sin is antichrist.  Christ’s blood cleansed our sin period the end. 
Then there’s those that have labeled us “christo-facists. This is from the urban dictionary on christ-facists:  “James Dobson’s Focus on the Family is a Christofascist hate group bent on banning abortion and opressing homosexuals”
They hate us all because we stand for life and God’s creation.

The movie “Bro’s” about homosexual men was a box office flop.  We sent a message to Hollywood and the world that we will not support their homosexualism or transgenderism.  Of course they’re blaming heterosexual.
But what about the commercials with homosexuals? We can leave the room or change the channel but commercials are their way of force feeding their evil ideology to everyone including children.
We gain an inch but lose a foot.
Vanderbilt University in Tennessee has stopped mutilating children under the guise of satanic transgenderism,  but also in middle Tennessee the FBI again raided the home of a pro-life man.  He committed no crime except praying. 
And Governor Bill Lee has yet to denounce this barbaric politicization of a government agency that used to protect Americans. 

America has been divided even further, over claims of racism and homophobia.
What a better way to create the great deception than dividing the church and silencing those who speak the truth.  And have you noticed how “mental illness” seems to be rising in people exponentially? I have, and a deacon I spoke with recently voiced concerns over this.

It’s all part of Satan’s plan to rule and destroy God’s creation.
Learn how to recognize the spirit of antichrist as its being blurred to deceive the elect. 

Satan and his angels are leading many blindly down the path to hell.
Persevere until the end!
1 Peter 1:13  Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Christ said, “What I say to one I say to all, Watch!”

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5 replies

  1. America is the next Sodom & Gomorrah which God will destroy (See Ge19). Our corruption & violence are a stench to God. Also Re18!

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  2. This is not a surprise, the more that people are moving away from Christ, engaging in every form of debauchery; peoples focus is on themselves and what they can get and do, and how fast it can happen. The minds of many are becoming clouded, literally incapable of logical thought let alone operating in the Spirit. It’s going to get worse…

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  3. Yes, and a lot of the mental illness you are seeing is in children.

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