“The Gates Of Hell Will Not Prevail”

Revelation 5:5

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Evil is all around us!
In my prayers every morning, I asked God how long will you contend with this wickedness.  I feel I received a one word response.  “Soon.”
And then He showed me almost a slide show of the demonic entities that have claimed our government and the world for themselves.  I was reminded of Satan offering Christ the kingdoms of the world. 
Yuval Harari who is an advisor to Claus Schwab the founder of the WEF and the great reset said: “The whole idea that humans have a soul or free will…that’s over.”

The demonic is now out in full view and it’s roots are deep. 
The latest of bidens appointments comes with dark, satanic beliefs.  He even stated one time “we will steal your soul.”

Have you really looked at the demonic in our Capitol?  And I’m not referring to the deep state.  I’m referencing the clear demonic, twisted evil in those chosen to represent our government and the people. 
Have you been dismayed with the transgender takeover of our children? What did we think would happen with bidens pick for health and human services?
His pick for transportation secretary can not go unnoticed.  Buttigiegs husband recently attacked CNN of all things, for Zakaria telling Democrats to forget the use of pronouns and concentrate on the serious things affecting everyone.   You can’t make this up. 
An ad on TV for Indeed, the website that helps employers and employees come together, recently raised a flag for me.  They’re using pronouns pushed by the left.  It shows a woman caring a box of things saying goodbye to her employer, then a voice says your shipping manager is leaving to find “themself” not herself but themself. It’s subtle but the small, subtle,  things will begin to condition you. 

So many are beginning to see how Hitler convinced millions of people to follow and support his evil and murderous regime.  By changing history, changing the words we use, our culture and convincing millions that evil is good and good is evil. 
There is evil all around us from the presidency to all media, yes even some alt right and conservative media.  Be very careful what you believe and put in your minds and hearts (the Temple of God), they are painting Christians, conservatives and Patriots as terrorists.  A recent attack on Lauren Boebert shows their vitriolic hatred.  I have to admit one of her speeches, the way they paint it sounds a little crazy.  They’re painting Gen. Flynn as a Christian Nationalist terrorist.  Because we hold to our Christian values and the word of God we’re dangerous.  Yes we are to stand up, speak out and push to keep our values and morals that our Country was founded on, we are to never tire of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. 
In America public prayers that Glorify Christ are frowned upon and even prohibited, but in London during the Queens funeral the glorified our Lord and King!
But again be careful of those whose prophetic utterances are based on anything but the word of God.  So called experts are rising in conservative circles everywhere.  One such outlet claims we will all die as everything collapses around us and we alone will rebuild society.  This is doctrines of demons, the coming of Christ is our hope, and the promises that everything will be made new is our hope.  The left and the evil that controls them love it when these types of predictions come as that gives them reason to attack us.  Yes we’re in trying times, the new world order has been seated, look to Christ, look to God’s word, not those screaming doom and gloom they are feeding right into the hands of the evil left giving them credence to attack.  We know the world will be in turmoil with evil appearing to win, from Revelations it also tells us we are to persevere to the end.  We win through Christ.  Support those who fight for our values like Gen. Flynn and others like LifeSite news and lifenews, but keep the promise of Christ close “the gates of hell will not prevail!”
Come quickly Lord Jesus.
Watch and warn as Christ commanded many times. Or the Master will find you asleep when He returns.

Remember Christ’s words in His prayer for us, we are in the world but not of the world.


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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