Americans React To Bidens Speech

Not only did Biden threaten millions of Americans on live TV, he sent images of an angry spirit  that portrayed him as speaking from the gates of hell.  And images that our military is in line with him, as marines stood behind him in this hideous presentation.  We know that symbolism is everything.  The clothes he wore to meld into a blood red lighting background.  Even the jacket his wife wore sent a message that said I’m dressed like a founding father you can trust me.
And with fists raised and shaking he threatened millions of Americans.


Biden can speak like Satan and even make it appear as though he’s speaking from hell.  But Christ promised us that he and the gates of hell would not be victorious over us. 
He can spread as much hate, threats and fears he wants, though tribulation is here we will stand victorious, through Christ.  His speech meant to bring fear only brought Christian conservatives resolve and courage to stand up against this evil and we will not comply with a new world order that bows to men.

The demoncrats continue to say they won’t stand for “Make America Great Again”, well Christian conservatives have sent a resounding we won’t stand for shedding innocent blood on our land, of the Unborn, we won’t stand by while our Faith is decimated by the spirit of antichrist, rewriting and rebranded our Bible, and God’s creation.  We won’t stand by while our children are targeted with a religion that puts filth and debauchery first, as in the transgender push.  I could go on and on.  Sum it up with this, we won’t hide our light under a the bushel of darkness that calls good evil and evil good. 
The New York Times paints Trump as the antichrist.  Not in those words but clearly states he is the cause of the mass psychosis and hypnotic gaslighting propaganda.  Refusing to see that Americans were not going to accept the new normal or transformation started by Obama.  Refusing to to ask why Americans elected Trump in the first place, it’s easier to label 70 million Americans as terrorists. 
The same spirit of antichrist  that allowed Satan’s mouthpiece in Hitler is alive and well in present day America.  Proof? The proof is in the headlines and our capitol.  As they change all times and customs even the very definition of a woman, a man, a mother and father.  There’s not enough room to show all the lies they have presented.  Evil oozes from their pores.  I see demons.  Let the Holy Spirit open your eyes to the demonic.  Pray like never before.

Conservatives are speaking out about how they’re a threat to the soul of this nation as Biden proclaims. Read here. 
I’m a born again Christian waiting for my Lord, I work, I love my Country and abide by the rule of law.  But I’m a threat??? No sir, you and your minions are the threat to this Nation and Americans will remember that for generations.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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