Biden’s America Has Much in Common With Stalin’s Russia, and Hitler’s Germany


According to the feds – we need the government to tell us what is good for us, we are not free, and we are terrorists

By Greg Holt

How many remember America the way it was, the way it is supposed to be, and the way it was originally founded?  You know, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?  Well that country is now long gone, instead and in its place we have the Land of the Few and the Home of the Oppressed.

Biden’s America is a precursor to a socialist/communist America – which is in fact the goal, before being absorbed into the not-so-distant future One World Government.

Look around you, read the real news reports, be observant, employ logical and critical thinking skills.  Are we here in America truly free anymore?  Answer – NO we are not.

We the People are routinely spied on and we are also many of us even listed by the Justice Department as domestic terrorists (also see here, and here)!  The FBI has been weaponized against the people of this country, middle of the night raids are common, and a free pass is granted if your last name is Biden or Clinton etc., this is the new reality, like it or not.  You are more apt to be presumed guilty until proven innocent.  If you are anyone of power that crossed the wrong people, or are a believer in Jesus, you are likely to face trumped up charges backed up by the power of the U.S. government or possibly the state (depending on where you reside).

If you are one who refused the COVID vaccine, you are anti-American, possibly a terrorist, should not be allowed to travel or be in government buildings, and definitely a part of the problem, not the solution etc.  YOUR views on the matter are inconsequential and are not based in fact of any kind – you, whether or not you realize it are an idiot.  So says your government.

Many Americans lost their businesses and even their jobs when the ridiculous COVID lockdowns came about.  We are still suffering as a country from the fallout of the lockdowns and the off the wall asinine policies inflicted upon We the People, and at our expense.

Instead of ending lockdowns etc. and getting people back to work, Daddy (the government) handed out millions and millions of dollars in free money – stimulus checks, super extended unemployment benefits, money for businesses; said money was intended for small businesses, but largely went to BIG businesses.

Oh wait, the money isn’t free, it is paid for by a common class of Americans, we call them taxpayers.

How about these gems:

Schools teach on transgender and homosexual practices.  As well as how to put on a condom, how to have sex, how to get “the pill” without parental permission, and how to “transition” to the opposite sex (transgenderism), God (Jesus) is bad, Allah is good, and why it’s perfectly ok to have two “mommies” or “daddies” among other things.  They also teach that whites are bad, that America is bad and is at fault for everything, and a whole lot more material that is senseless and harmful to our young people.  Don’t take my word for it, check out your school’s curriculum and see what exactly they are teaching, if you don’t already know, you will be horrified.

If you are black, you are important and worthwhile, if you are white and dare to suggest that all lives matter, you are to be strung up, fired, harassed, assaulted, stalked on social media, doxxed, etc.

Police should not be allowed to defend themselves in anyway, and they surely should not “police” anything, nor have the proper tools to do so.  Instead, according to chief Biden, police should be required to have a social worker present with them at all times – that way the social worker can defuse the situation while being sure to be “nice.”  After all, hardened criminals, murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers etc. all respond well to “niceness” right?  The reality is that the Dems want the police defunded.  That hasn’t seemed to work out to well.  At the same time, it is perfectly acceptable to riot, burn down buildings, destroy vehicles, steal etc., as long as it is in support of a leftist cause – you are covered.

How did America fall so far and so hard???

Simple answer, people drank the leftist Kool-Aid by the gallon and begged for more, while others who are not so foolish and gullible refused to speak up – and here we are.

While America was (and is) being taken apart and destroyed from within, unfortunately there were (and still are) many who focused their attention not on attempting to solve America’s problems, but instead these folks focused on things like Donald Trump’s offensive tweets etc. How foolish…

You have to ask yourself one question here, “was the U.S. better off under Trump’s polices, or is it better off under Biden’s policies?”

If you answered Biden, then you must enjoy super high inflation (highest inflation in over 40 years), record high gas prices, a stalling economy, never ending record high spending, and the destruction of the world’s best military (getting a COVID vaccine, and protecting and encouraging homosexuals, lesbians etc. is far more important than highly qualified and ready to rock military personnel).

It has come to the point that the Biden administration is now willing to issue threats, not even thinly veiled threats, but right out in the open, in your face threats.  If you (schools, companies etc.) do not do our bidding (read Biden and the Democrats), you will pay.

How many of you have heard about all of the American service men and women who have been railroaded for not wanting to subject themselves to the COVID vaccine?  These are not isolated incidents either.

A Marine in Japan is awaiting court-martial in August on charges she said arose from her refusal to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lance Cpl. Catherine Arnett, 24, declined the vaccines on the basis they are produced using stem cell lines that descend from aborted fetuses, she told Stars and Stripes on July 1. Her request for a religious exemption, she said, was denied by the Marine Corps and again on appeal.  (Source)

Lance Cpl. Catherine Arnett’s case is yet to be decided.

How about a Marine that has faithfully served his country (still is) and for the crime of simply asking for a religious exemption from having to take the often ill-fated COVID jab – was told by the Marine brass that he was going to be booted out of the Marines and had to vacate his on-base housing (with his wife and two kids) – with TWO DAYS notice?

Liberty Counsel details that the military has forced the first lieutenant, who is a supply officer with the U.S. Marine Corps Expeditionary Force, to choose between his religious beliefs and the COVID shot. In addition, the military threatened him with only two days’ notice for discharge from the Marine Corps and ordered him to remove himself, his wife, and his two minor children from Camp Pendleton by August 5, 2022.” (Source)

Biden is even stooping so low as to threaten schools in order to normalize his transgender policies, after all, what better place to brainwash America’s children then inside the school system?

The Biden administration is using lunch money to hold ‘school districts hostage,’ the head of a conservative advocacy group said in response to the Department of Agriculture’s announcement that it would require certain schools to allow trans students to use the bathroom of their preferred gender.

Schools awarded money from the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), an agency within USDA, must specify in their policies that discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation is prohibited, the department announced in May. It also said allegations of such discrimination must be investigated.

“What you’re seeing here is really the Biden administration saying ‘you’re going to do what I want or I’m going to take your lunch money,’” Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior told Fox News. “For the federal government to come in and really tie school nutrition and school lunch programs to this radical ideology is terrifying, and it’s appalling.” (Source)

Of course there is already a target for this “program,” a Christian school – surprise, surprise.

The Biden administration is poised to deny free school lunch funding from a Florida Christian school that refuses to comply with the administration’s LGBT mandates, despite the school’s qualification for a religious exemption.

Grant Park Christian Academy in Tampa, Fla., represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, is suing President Joe Biden and Florida agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried for enforcing the Biden administration requirement that schools comply with its LGBT mandates or lose federal school lunch funding.” (Source)

The following are the entirely shameful stats (as of July 22, 2022) for the U.S. military’s “administrative separations” of military personnel, meaning these folks who faithfully served their country were in effect kicked out of military service for refusing a deadly so-called vaccine:

The Marine Corps on Sept. 21 ordered its active-duty troops to get vaccinated within 90 days or risk prosecution for disobeying an order. By July 6, the Corps had discharged 3,069 Marines for refusing the vaccine, the most of any service, according to a monthly update.

The Marines had approved only seven of 3,733 requests it received for religious exceptions, according to the Corps’ update in July. Another 602 administrative or medical exemptions were approved.

By comparison, the Air Force by July 12 had approved 104 religious exemptions and rejected 6,803 with another 2,847 pending. It had “administratively separated” 834 airmen for refusing the vaccines.

The Army had discharged 1,037 soldiers for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, according to an Army statement June 21. Another 3,464 troops were reprimanded for refusing the vaccination order.

The Navy has discharged 1,229 sailors for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Navy’s June 22 update, its most recent.” (Source)

These socialists, communists, and self-serving (and globalist) politicians must be voted out of office.  Leftist military personnel as well as those running the show at the Pentagon etc. must be rooted out and fired.  Biden must be removed from office in 2024.  We the People must continue to speak up and our military personnel’s right to refuse the COVID jab must be defended.


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