They Have No Shame

Our government is anti life! Abortion, the selling of “fresh not frozen” baby parts.  It’s not secret that they’re  selling heads of aborted babies and other parts for their humanized mice experiments.  And then there’s the inhumane torturous experiments on dogs especially Beagles.  They don’t value life!  It used to be in a psychiatric profile if you tortured or killed animals it was a sign of severe mental illness.  So why is fauci not labeled a psychopath!? His research hasn’t helped anyone!
No shame.
Have you looked close at all the abortion rights protesters? They look like bona-fide psychopaths and/or the dregs[the most undesirable part] of society. It’s easy to see the demonic possessions there.
No shame.

Every Christian knows Roman’s 1:16, but how many either unwittingly or willing fall to the shameful and detestable things we see today.  I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.  Satan so detests that exclamation that he has his own version.  And it has become the cry of the land.  “Have no shame!” They proudly stand and declare they are greater than God almighty.

Just a quick run through the headlines shows their shameful nakedness, and yet still there are Christians who are blinded by Satan’s sparkly demeanor.

Look at the HHS assistant secretary Levine.  A transgender who is screeching about grooming children. It’s upset because Tennessee recently voted to overturn Obidens order to allow transgenders bathroom privileges, and boys in girls locker rooms and sports.
No shame.

The Demonic spirits in possession of women in this country is blatantly in defiance of everything Christianity stands for.  And there are pastors proudly declaring abortion is sanctioned by God.  One governor recently vetoed a bill that would have provided funding for Healthcare for pregnant women.  They would rather fund murder.
No shame.
A handful of Republicans are siding with demoncrats to support their “Radical new same-sex marriage and polygamy” bill.
No shame.
The World Health Organization now says the sex (identity) is not limited to male or female. This explicitly blasphemes our Lord and creator.
No shame.
A judge in Kentucky siding with murders says that “the premise of life beginning at conception is “a distinctly Christian and Catholic belief,” enforcement of which constitutes an establishment of religion.”
No shame.

There’s not enough room to write about the shameful debauchery exhibited by the biden family.  Nude photos of Joe’s son emerge almost every hour.  The accusations of sexual abuse against Joe are gaining exponentially.  So much so that it’s emerged his family calls him “pedo Peter.”  We’ve all heard him describe children playing with the hair on his legs.  Sick and twisted.  And yet they have no shame.  Even his wife shows NO SHAME and covers for him.
No shame.

Merriam Webster dictionary has changed the definition of a female.  Changing God’s creation. The definition of female now also says” having a gender identity that is the opposite of male”. If you click on the link gender identity in their definition you get this “a person’s internal sense of being male, female, some combination of male and female, or neither male nor female.”
No shame.
The question “have they no shame?” Is today’s mantra. 
I don’t have enough room or time to write about their shameful, and detestable conduct.
Jeremiah 6 :15
Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct? No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush. So they will fall among the fallen; they will be brought down when I punish them,” says the LORD.

We are at dead center in the Great Deception, hold tight to God’s word and Jesus Christ. It’s our only hope.


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