Everything Evil In America Is Not Russia’s Fault

1Peter 5:8
Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Russia, Russia,Russia I’m tired of hearing everything is Russia’s fault.

Have we forgotten the love/hate relationship the demoncrats had with Russia from HRC’s mockery of a reset button to obamas hot mic giving Putin a message to be patient until he’s re-elected??
Have we forgotten the demoncrats hatred of Russia during the war in Afghanistan, (watch “Charlie Wilson’s war”). And when they admitted through HRC that they created AlQueda to fight Russia???  Look up “Operation Cyclone”.
For heavens sake, they’re doing it again.  They did it in Syria too and now they’re doing it in Ukraine.  Everyone knows what they did by pulling out of Afghanistan. Whenever they (demoncrats) come to power the world morphs into chaos and destruction!

More recently look at the “Arab Spring” They totally de-railed the Middle East, and Africa.  Look at Libya.
Recently demoncrats sent troops back to Somalia to fight Al Shabob while in Nigeria the genocide of Christians go unchecked. 
It’s been well documented that groups from AL shabob to Alqueda are in alliance.
Now for something closer to home that every American now knows.  Our country once Blessed by God is rapidly sliding into the abyss of chaos, destruction and ungodliness.
Americans are beginning to suffer en mass.
They decimated our oil and the ability to be energy independent and now filling up your gas tank is a days wages.  Our groceries have doubled if not tripled.  Those who were comfortable are now struggling to survive.  Attacking our children with famine and yes famine what do you think they created the formula crises for.  For the first time ever America once the greatest country in the world, took hat in hand and begged other countries for food to feed its babies!
Only about 26 states have made it illlegal to provide abortions without parental consent, most blue states are allowing it to be legal to destroy our childrens God given genders and DNA through transgenderism.  They have allowed the mentally ill and demon possessed to go free to kill, steal and destroy even our children through mass shootings.  While police can do nothing but watch because the left nut jobs have tied their hands.  Every place of business including schools and church’s have had active shooter training! So why were their hands tied in Texas?  A mother ignored their inaction and rushed in and saved her 2 children. It took a border patrol agent off duty to neutralize the shooter.
Parents are being stripped of parental rights, the ability to teach their children right from wrong, evil vs good.  All in the name of “Social emotional learning.” They are teaching our children to hate rather than love.
They can’t even teach math without teaching racism and sexuality.
The demoncrats are screeching calling abortion a God given right and touting it as birth control and health care. 
And Churches like the united Methodist are flying a rainbow gay pride flag and going against their leaders to appoint gay preachers. (More)
Our tolerance, meant to be love has totally corrupted our Faith.  Multiculturalism born of love and tolerance has corrupted our Faith and even persecutes us for saying Jesus is the only way! And homosexuality and transgenderism are sins against the Most High God.
What have we done??
I have said many times that the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are converging.  It says more than once in Revelation that the wrath will be held from those with the mark of God.  But John B. Wells brought this into understanding for the first time.  In the revealing of the black horse, with the scales announcing a days wage for grain, but don’t harm the oil and the wine.  The wrath of famine will hit everyone but those anointed (oil and wine) will have God’s protection.
He followed this by warning all to get right with God.
As I’ve said before make sure your house is covered with the blood of the Lamb. 

Pray for the Persecuted.  Pray for the innocent people of Ukraine and Russia.  Pray for the innocent people held in persecution by communist nations like China and North Korea.  Pray for each other.  Pray for God’s mercy.  Because it is through His mercy and grace that we are sustained.  Pray for deliverance from the evil overtaking our land.


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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