Satan Is Literally Squeezing the Life Out Of America And The World

Isaiah 24:20

The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion that it falls—never to rise again.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but God’s word is literally being squeezed out of existence and I have literally felt this in my body lately, like the very life was being squeezed from me.  Satan knows your weaknesses physically and spiritualy.

I started to write this post the day before the demonic left Leaked that Roe V Wade was unconstitutional. This is something for decades that we have prayed for.
Roe v Wade was based on a lie, but the disinformation crowd touted it as truth. By now everyone knows the history of this ruling. 
The latest opinion was Leaked by the demonic left to influence the midterm elections.
To bring a legion of demons to the streets, churches and the homes of conservative SCOTUS.  And I do mean demons.  You can’t unsee the things these demons are doing, especially with a church in New York. (See below)

Since the first video emerged of these demons more is surfacing every day.  In  one video you can hear shouting “hail satan.” And someone clearly admitting they’re a Satanist.  A look at these videos shows the clear and present demonic forces at work. 
Our politicians are screeching from our capitol that women’s rights to kill their Unborn are violated and many claiming God blesses this murder.
And that’s only a piece of America’s slide into debauchery.
Transgenderism, homosexuality and sexuality are now the new religion of the state.  Not hyperbole.  I heard about an 8th grader in Wisconsin that was labeled with sexual harassment because he didn’t use the pronoun “they” when describing a fellow student.  The parents were livid and shocked.  An 8th grader labeled as a sexual harasser!
This pronoun movement seeks to change not only science but God’s word! It’s not going away if we ignore it. It threatens our very existence.
The Daily Mail has a piece about how teachers ignore the parents preference to pronouns.  The parents are demanding that a child’s gender given at birth be used eg. He/She or their given name.  This is dark and satanic.  Here is a quote from that article.
‘What should we do if a parent requests that we refer to their child by the pronouns associated with their sex assigned at birth instead of their preferred pronouns, and that we use a legal name instead of a student’s chosen name?’ 
Why is that even a question?
I have never seen a satanic force this strong in my life! 
The darkness overtaking the world doesn’t stop there.  While Americans are suffering, and we are.  Our economy is in free fall.  We find ourselves barely above water with the destruction of our spending and even the necessities of life.  While Pelosi quotes the Bible to send Billions to Ukraine! She quoted Christ to justify this.  The lockdowns, and the plague didn’t do enough to destroy our way of life so the war with Russia is the only way to finish the great reset and bring America to its knees. 
At the same time Pelosi blasphemed Christ she also gave the true intentions of this war.  And that’s to destroy food supplies!
She said:
“When you’re home thinking what is this all about, just think about ‘when I was hungry, you fed me’ from the Gospel of Matthew,” Pelosi added, noting the war’s impact on global food supplies. 
God has something to say about pelosis doctrine of demons.

1Timothy 5:8
But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.

Yet they send Billions to Ukraine, with a baby formula crises threatening famine here they ship pallets of this to the border.  Our food and  prices have tripled.
God is shaking America and the world.  Lawlessness has Risen here exponentially.  Look at all the killings over the last weekend.  It’s even hit in my neighborhood. 
It’s time to WAKE up, time to pray like never before. Speak out and speak up.  This weekend we had a blood moon eclipse, and it’s not a coincidence that the abortion Satanists are screaming for infant blood during this time.  Signs in the sun moon and stars.  Pay attention!
I’ll end with this. I rarely ask for prayer, but I have been under a dark satanic attack for weeks that came to a head last week.  Many think that satanic attacks are spiritual but remember when we are at our weakest in physical health we are vulnerable to the darkness that tells us God won’t help you.  Pray for me and each other now and decide this day to cover your house with the blood of the Lamb!  Another conservative Christian Stew Peter’s has asked for prayer for the attacks on his families health and spiritual well being.
Love each other but don’t be complicit in the destruction of God’s word and His creation!
May God hold us all in His hands.  Our redemption draws nigh! Decide how you will survive these last days and emerge victorious with Christ.  God wins!


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