As Christians Are We Supposed To Trust Science Or GOD?

Science was never supposed to be worshipped. Science has become the new religion pushed by the state. Fact not hyperbole.
We’re all trying to make sense out of what has happened these last 2 years.  It actually started a decade ago. But the darkness didn’t have all the pieces in play. 
The whole pandemic crises was created to install the dark Lord’s that would rule the new kingdom of Satan on earth. At least that’s what they thought.  From the plandemic with its destructive so called vaccines, to the oppression quickly adopted by the entire world.  They seized their control and actually thought they finally defeated Christ. 
Never, never in my lifetime did I expect to see the mutilation literally of our children not only in abortion but in mutilating their bodily functions as male and female, and complete and utter poisoning of their precious and innocent minds.  The latest attack from Disney, an institution loved and trusted by parents proves that Christ’s revelation is finally here.  My God our children!  I listened to a teacher explaining to very young children it doesn’t matter if you were born male or female it only matters what you want to be.  And teachers describing their homosexual acts to these young minds.  God help us!
We listened to nonstop screaming “follow the science” for 2 years.  And even some of the elect didn’t recognize what they did. Ministers and Christians of every denomination fell right in line with the beast. And are still defending its position. It’s not a coincidence that Obama recently appeared with the dark Lord of our country.  It’s my opinion he was there to announce and finalize the takeover of our health care! We now have death panels and protocols that kill and deny medical care if you don’t comply.  There’s now a 9 year old boy that is being denied a kidney transplant from his father because he is unvaccinated. 

While we’re distracted with propaganda’s  of war, China is locking down again amid cruel oppression. Rumors of bird flu here are reaching fear porn levels.  They’re not done yet.  Meanwhile the vaccine injuries and deaths are rising.  Rumors of aids in the vaccinated are appearing as fact. 
Be vigilant and remember those reporting horrors of war are doing so without presenting hard facts.  It resembles the war in Syria and Gaza when they use civilians as shields and then claim war crimes. 
Take good hard looks at what they’re presenting to us as fact.  Many are asking if they have lied to us for 2 years what makes you think they’re suddenly telling the truth. Look at what they have done to something like science. Which used to be also trusted.  Trusted to understand our biology and even our food and aspects of life and medicine. They have changed the definition of science and now declare we worship it! When Christ faced Satan in the wilderness he used one sentence to back him off.  “It is written.” He used scripture and God’s word to stop him in his tracks.
God will show his judgement.  And when He does the whole world will see His power.
Christ was sent to deliver God’s people from the wrath and grip of Satan.
He’s already given us a path for escape.  All we have to do is overcome. We are winners, we will be victorious! Trust in God, not science!


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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