I See Demons

I see demons in every aspect of our life and world. Open your eyes. From the killing fields of war to the killing fields on America’s hospitals.

A Claus Schwab advisor said God’s word doesn’t apply any more.  Yes he did. He said you do what feels good to you, not what God or His word says. This is not new, I remember my Dad teaching about this 40 years ago.  And guess what, its the basis for Satanists doctrine. This is what they use to celebrate the slaughter of the Unborn, and the disgusting mutilation of a child’s gender organs.
While some Satanists say they don’t worship Satan their practices show they do.  Reading about Alistair Crowley will stand your hair on end.  While he was conversing with the Egyptian god horis he was given the tenet “do as thou wilt.” All of their dark doctrine swirls around this.  And they are vehemently anti Christian.
I had personal contact with a Satanists years ago.  I begged her many times to turn to Christ, I bought her a Bible and begged and begged. You know what she said? There is no power in Christ but Satan is all powerful.  This broke my heart.  I told her different of course and I though I was making progress.  Later I learned she committed suicide.  I will never forget that encounter and I always felt like I failed.
My point is that the globalists taking over the world for a great reset follow this feel good anti Christian belief.  Rolled up in satanic doctrine aimed at giving peace, safety and long life! We were warned! And yet we ignore all the signs, and God’s headlines of what is coming on a wicked world.
You see they have to control Christians in order to reset. Remember Hillary Clinton told us that deep seated religious biases would have to change.  They’re destroying God’s creation through transgenderism and indoctrination of our children.  That’s why they have attacked parents calling them terrorists. They have removed children from parents who protest or deny their child’s gender to be changed.  And some of these children are speaking out. (More) And more data comes out every day to show that the Vax does indeed change DNA.  More data coming out every day also suggests thousands of children have died from this biowrapon disguised as a vaccine. (More) More data also shows that America had bioweapons labs in Ukraine. For the first time ever I have agreed with China’s leader. When he said  the west should talk with Putin and listen to his concerns.  Why is western media beating the war drums.  Why are they calling for nuclear war.  We have to remember the corruption of Biden and others in Ukraine if we didn’t we’d be remiss.  For almost a decade the demoncrats led by obiden and soros have painted Russia as the boogeyman man. I agree with many there’s something rotten about this whole thing.  I pray daily for the innocent people of Ukraine and Russia. I ask God to expose the truth.  Christian conservatives calling for the execution of Putin are deplorable! I will never forget the scenes the last time they executed a leader of another country.  Those images in Libya are burned into my consciousness forever.  As is the maniacal laughing by Hillary, “we came we saw he died.” The killing fields of Cairo started by Obama will also remain.  Even in Iraq.  These men were evil but only God decides who will die.  And to mock the demise of our enemies is condemned by God lest we suffer the same fate.  We are on borrowed time.  God is judging America and the West.  Will you fall away and follow this beast like so many?  Or will you stand and overcome? The choice is yours. Ask God for clarity and to expose the truth from the killing fields of war to the killing field in American hospitals. Pray for one another, denounce evil, if it smells like a demon it is.  Many demons and antichrists are working overtime.  God gave me a vision of the demons working in darkness and obiden and soros are the top two.  I couldn’t recognize the third yet.  Many are helping these demons and its the ones working under the cloak of darkness that worry me.  The signs are there, open your eyes.

Please listen to this with an open heart and love for Christ!

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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