Pay Attention To God’s Headlines (Signs Of The Times)

There’s a few things that should be in God’s headlines for Christians.  We’re so battle weary we forget that as Christians we need to pay attention to these  headlines. As we scramble through this world of roadblocks, and booby traps for Christians we have to stay alert to to the signs of the times we’re in.  We are in dire straits filled with the demonic.  I read a headline recently that said “if you don’t believe in demons at this point I don’t know what it takes.” (More)

It’s a tweet about the summer camp to teach toddlers sex.  But that’s not all those demons are doing.  Texas has been in the news and attacked for its laws against abortion and transgender movements against children.  But the demonic are busy, it’s been exposed that a clinic in Texas has been performing double mastectomy’s on children as young as 12 years. (more) The Baptists believe in the age of accountability.  In a nutshell a child is considered innocent until it reaches the age of accountability, this means they are old enough to know right from wrong and recognize sin.  This is when baptism occurs.  Catholics and Lutherans baptize at birth.  My point is this.  By attacking children before the age of accountability the demons think that by that time they will own the child’s soul.  But remember Christ said those that do this will be better if a millstone was tied around their neck and thrown into the sea.  So these ignorant souls that are enabling this demonic practice will not escape judgement.
Many Christians are complacent as this battle for our children rages.  Our pastors remain silenced because they fear persecution or want numbers in their pews more than they want the Gospel and God’s words. 

Even the Vicar of Christ has turned a blind eye and it’s obvious that he has turned from the Gospel taught by Peter and the Apostles that were taught by Christ. He recently deposed a Puerto Rican Bishop for siding with those refusing a shot based on their conscious observance of God’s word.  (more) Remember what Paul said to the Galatians.
Galatians 1:8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!

The Vicar of Christ is not protecting or feeding God’s flock, but has slid into dangerous heresy. Christ told Peter at the Last Supper that Satan had asked to sift his soul and that He was praying for him.  And when he returned from this to strengthen your brethren.   If the Pope truly believes he is the Vicar of Christ through Peter He sure isn’t portraying that.  I love my Catholic brothers and sisters.  I know and love many priests who are true men of God but I cannot ignore what this pope is doing.
I am not a Pastor, theologian or even a teacher, I’m merely answering God’s call to warn.

There’s a couple more thing that should raise warning flags for all Christians.  God was very explicit in His rules for His people early on about the handling of death and the caring for bodies after death in Leviticus 11, Leviticus 21, and Numbers 19.  In fact it seems that one of God’s judgements to the wicked is to allow wild animals to devour your corpse. Remember Jezebell? (2Kings 9)
Now I thought when I first heard this last year it was a hoax but sadly it is reality.  They are breaking every law and word of God.  As the first composting site opens for humans, in Washington state. Yes you read that right. They are now composting humans for soil and organic farming.
(The Sun)”Scientifically speaking, it is compost and can be used like any compost you’d buy at a store,”
Lord have mercy.

It’s very disturbing how even our entertainment in TV shows has turned demonic.  I watched a popular spin off from Grey’s anatomy recently and it was filled with homosexuality and even celebrated at home abortion.  Yes it did. Then there’s a popular cooking show that is filled with transgenderism and new age.  One host proudly wore a T shirt that at first glance appeared as Christian that is until you took a closer look.  It said “spiritual gangster, ” in large letters, and in small letters underneath it said “high vibration living.” I was totally shocked when I looked up the complete phrase and saw new age teaching.   Pay attention! Indoctrination works slowly but it’s dangerous to God’s people.

Pay attention to the signs of the times as Christ warned. Many already know the hour is late but many don’t.  Pray for one another, pray for God to open eyes and expose the darkness around us.  Pray for God to expose the demonic.  And as my dad used to say “stay prayed up, packed up and ready to go.” This world is not our home so don’t get comfortable in the false peace promised by the many antichrists. Love one another but “come out of her my people.”

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