Breaking Free From The Covidian Cult

It’s time to break free from the dark winter of the covidian cult. It goes much deeper than a biological weapon. They weaponized a plandemic to control the world. Say it outloud.

By now most everyone has seen this video of a comedian mocking the unvaccinated and Christians. Even mocking Christ. As soon as she said “Jesus loves me more” she appeared to look up before she fell to the ground and cracked her skull. I looked up and said that was you God, wasn’t it? God will not be mocked. And yet they still refuse to repent. And here is another video of a woman being arrested at the southern border, she’s clearly demon possessed.  Then there’s the transgender that identifies as a wolf. Yes a wolf. And you think demons aren’t real or roaming to see whom they may devour?
This is what happens when you erect idols and push almighty God out of your life.  Rome destroyed itself, and America is doing the same.  The Israelites during the time of Balaam when he refused to curse Israel,  he convinced Balak to entice the Israelites to sin so God would curse them. It’s the same spirit today. And it’s exactly what’s happening in America and even Canada today. The leaders are demanding worship to them and the false gods of science. They are crushing God’s people under their feet to destroy the Gospel of Christ.  Canada has arrested Christian Pastor Pawlawski again! He recently posted how the freedom Convoy prayed the Lord’s prayer, and voiced support for the convoy. But they arrested him again!
And with Facebook metaverse it’s been said Facebook is attempting to remake religion, and Churches are falling for it. (More)
Every day a new report emerges about the heinous diabolical usage of aborted fetuses and animal torture in development of medication. And it’s described as legal and for the greater good. 

Then there’s the professor from a university in New York normalizing adults to have sex with children.
Our own DHS has released another bulletin labeling all who disagree with mandates, etc. as treasonist terrorists trying to undermine the government.  And Canada has stolen fuel from the Truckers attempting to freeze them out.  Gofund me hijacked the millions collected for them and the Canadian government and media has called them terrorists and a treasonous insurrection. Stand up for them because in so doing we are standing up for our freedom also.  The same demons that praised the deadly protests by BLM and antifa are labeling peaceful protestors as terrorists.  You can’t make this stuff up. Worth noting that gofundme gave millions of donated cash to those terrorists groups.  And remember Claus Schwabb bragged about Trudeau being in his camp.
Look how quickly the American populace fell to follow a cult driven by the dark Lord of death fauci and company. It took only 2 years!  And it is a cult, to them (covidians) it’s a new religion.

The total take down of our society and moral values has begun.  Even the leader of El Salvador asks if the destruction of our cities is a deliberate plan.
The liberal left would have us believe that we are no longer one nation under God. In fact we are officially divided along  political and religious lines. The plandemic is nothing but obamas top down bottom up theology.  Doctrines of demons.  The doctors and nurses enforcing this death panel protocol are just as guilty of crimes against humanity as the dark Lord of death fauci. There I said it.  I am totally appalled at what the nursing profession has turned into.  As a nurse we were taught the history and principles of Florence Nightingale, supportive care and cleanliness to aid in recovery. Many times I have stood up for patients rights, as has many others.  But the corporate takeover of our healthcare system that began in the 80’s has ruined therapeutic patient care including nurses and doctors.
We now have full fledged socialized medicine and if you disagree your career is ruined. It’s now common knowledge that the protocol of the dark Lord of death is ventilator, remdesiver and death.

And remember the warmongers and fear mongers are pushing a war with Russia to not only take our attention off our oppressors but to finish the destruction of the world so they can step in and say now we will have world peace!

Stand up and speak out. Pray for those exposing this and those like the Truckers and Farmers in Canada demanding freedom.
We must resist the mesmerizing Stockholm syndrome ushered in by demonic oppression. Christ gave us freedom and they hate that!
We need Jesus!

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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