Their Time Short

Their Time is short and they know it. You can tell by the frenzied attempts to keep control and power. (Revelation 12:12)

Last week as I was in prayer I asked God why are demonic forces across the globe growing in power?
The answer I got is “their time is short.”
Everyone, and I mean everyone from a random person on the street to Doctors I talked to say the same thing! There is a dark demonic force in our country being led by Satan’s brightest demonic forces. And our only hope is Christ! I was at first shocked by how many recognized this as church leaders appear to be falling in line with them! They still are.
From the draconian demonic plague that has hijacked even our medical system, to strike fear into our hearts and turn us away from God to the beating of war drums. Everyone is talking about Russia. The Canadian news agencies even say that Russian agents are involved in the calls for freedom from the the Freedom Convoy.
The Russia Ukraine narrative is front line news from the propagandists. They even marched out the disgraced untrustworthy Gen Milley to beat the war drums. If you pay attention you can see what may be happening. An under reported article emerged with a Ukranian official accusing Biden of ruining their economy with his war rhetoric and another Ukranian military official forced to resign for suggesting Putin deserved respect.  Now for critical thinkers it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the state run media is beating the war drums for war with Russia, if you watch or read nothing else watch this. I believe Tucker is spot on. And remember Russia is against the new great reset by Klaus schwabb and demons. So it’s not a stretch to see them lean toward China as China vies for world control. They very well could cause the destruction of the world, by forcing their tyrannical great reset.
But they underestimated the power of the people led by God almighty.
The freedom Convoy in Canada sparked a light that they thought was extinguished. But you can’t extinguish God’s light it always prevails.
A video has emerged of Claus Schwabb in an interview saying he owns Trudeau and other leaders like the President of France. They aren’t even hiding it anymore.  Satan has shown his face and still even Christians can’t see it.  Thank God for raising up the voices of the oppressed through truck drivers.
Our Children have felt the most from the hateful oppressive demons in power.  From being forced to eat in the cold to having masks taped on their faces to extinguish their light they have suffered the most. I have seen a child in my neighborhood go from a happy child to one who hangs his head in shame.  And God is watching these children suffering from this and the dark practices of pedophilia, and forcing them to change God’s DNA.  God’s judgement will fall on those dark forces. Their time is short. That’s promised in scripture!
Even Alternative news media are posting articles about prophecy in these dark times.  Like the Populist Press who claims to be the new Drudge. By the way, they do report the news the propagandists refuse to report. Anyway check this out from them today.

Screen Shot Populist Press

I encourage you to read both these articles pictured.  The prophecy is from Zechariahs prayer. And check them daily for news.  Use your filter from the Holy Spirit, a lie detector from God so to speak.

Rise up Christians take your stand among the lampstands of God! Stand firm and speak boldly. Support those speaking out and crying for freedom and justice like those in Canada! Pray for God’s protection, guidance and justice against these demons.  Jesus we need you!


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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