“Do You Think They Suddenly Found Jesus?” ~Robert Kenedy Jr.~

Over the weekend a rally was held in Washington DC that thousands attended against the vaccine mandates.  And to lay the foundation for why we reject these draconian measures by our new gestapo government, Robert Kenedy Jr. and Frontline Doctors laid out the ugly truth of these poison shots. And the tyranny exhibited by our own government against us.
Robert Kennedy Jr. Said this is a war against doctors of conscience. He also calls the last 2 years the information chaos. And “every time you comply you get weaker.”  “Nobody has ever complied their way out of tyranny.”  “He said the hill your on right now is the hill you will die on.” He asked the question of big pharma, “do you think they Suddenly Found Jesus?” Then he pointed out they are the ones that gave us the opioid epidemic! I agree and applaud Robert Kennedy Jr. Thank you sir.
I am reminded of his father Robert Kennedy and what a strong advocate he was for rights and the American people. And they killed him.  Pray for Robert Kennedy Jr.

After the rally Senator Johnson held a panel for truth with the brave doctors speaking out. I’ll link to these at the end. 
When you hear the evidence laid out by this panel you will be shocked and your eyes will be opened wide to the crimes against humanity led by fauci and big pharma and the democrats.  Take remdesivir, one Dr. Explains and lays out how dangerous this drug is. In fact in 2019 as reported by the New England Journal of medicine the trials for remdesivir were stopped because of the increase risk of death and kidney failure.  But fauci and his group tainted the study and it became the only treatment hospitals could give.  Fauci lied and millions died!

Did you know that hospitals were given a 20% bonus for prescribing remdesivir to Medicare patients? They have turned our hospitals into giant killing machines.  That’s not hyperbole its fact.
I told you recently about Scott Quiner who was held hostage in a hospital in Minnesota.  They withheld nourishment and other treatments and scheduled his death by removal of life support, all because he was unvaccinated!  His wife with the help of attorneys and Stew Peter’s gained enough attention to transfer him to a hospital in Texas. Well he passed away last week, but listen to the Dr in Texas that received him. It will sicken you! What these hospitals are doing is criminal. They are committing high crimes against humanity!
Then there’s a man in Virginia that was denied a kidney transplant simply because he is uncaccinated. And there are many more!
They have declared war on our country and Americans.  This is a dark spiritual war and we have to stand up. Stand up, speak up and stand firm. And pray for God to expose and bind these demons inflicting suffering on humanity.  Do not remain silent, do not remain complicit. Satan is effectively making war against God’s creation! This is dark and satanic, wake up.

The brave Doctors and Nurses raising up to expose the truth are losing their livelihoods, their carreers and jobs. May God envelope them in His mighty hands and send His angels to protect them. God help us all, come quickly Lord Jesus.

Links to Resources:

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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