The Evil Behind The Pandemic

Covid is evil. I have said that from the beginning. Those pushing it, the fear mongers and gaslighters like Lord fauci, big pharma, Bill Gates and Biden and his puppet masters are demonic.  The plague itself was created in a lab with gain of function research, which is in itself straight from the devils lair. It takes a virus from animals and morphs it into a disease that breeches the barrier of animal to human transmission. Senator Rand Paul has done exhaustive work on proving that fauci lied.
Then they used a technology of gene editing DNA modifying poison as a vaccine that was never meant for this. The founder of this technology Dr. Robert Malone is even warning about the evils of this, and the mass psychosis propaganda used by the fearmongers.
And if that’s not enough Christians who have refused this because of aborted fetuses used in developing this Satanic cocktail have been vilified even by other Christians, like Franklin Graham. They say there was no aborted babies used and Jesus wants you to take this.  Well now a university claims their use of aborted babies is according to the law. Whaaat? There should never be a law making it legal to use aborted babies in this manner.  I knew years ago when stem cell research first reared it’s ugly head this was from the depths of darkness.
I read an article today by Michael Brown that brought this all together. He had polled people who had covid and they all said there was a spiritual darkness over them. I wrote of a case in my last post that was close to me and from the start they said “there’s a black curtain over us.” An evil presence with a heaviness not from God. They also said like many others that they couldn’t feel God anymore.  Eventually this lifted but not before it left its mark. 
The fearmongers are from Satan, the fear of death is hanging over the world like a huge cloud. Completely ignoring God’s word.  There’s a reason do not fear is a repetitive warning to us in the Bible. It’s causes severe mental illness, just watch the hundreds of videos of people screaming, almost foaming at the mouth cursing and filled with hatred attacking those who refuse to cover their face or refuse to take this vaccine. Watch this woman, clearly mentally disturbed and satanic attacking protestors yesterday in DC, protesting mandates. Dr Malone spoke there too.

This whole disease and vaccine were created with one of our greatest sins, the killing of babies!
And the supposed leader of the free world celebrated the killing of babies on the anniversary of the biggest gaslighting in history, Roe V Wade. He also said he would fight for abortion up to birth! First they said fetuses are only balls of tissue, without life then they say a fully formed baby can be killed right up to the minute of birth! And Christians are silent. A silence that has reached the throne of God! He is fully aware of all who support this by their silence as well as those committing these heinous acts of sacrifice!  Many are waking up but many are still asleep! Anything built on death and destruction is evil and demonic, including so called medicine.

Their narratives are falling apart and many are breaking free of the chains of darkness, speak out when you can, do not give up, do not give in! I asked God why? And to bind these demons, the answer I got was rooted in prophecy, He said “their time is short.” (Revelation 12:12) Do not lose hope or let your faith weaken! We will emerge victorious over this evil! The book of Revelation shows God’s wrath but it also gives us great Hope! We are overcomers!

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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