Christians Time For Another Reality Check

Again the last few weeks produce more news and facts than I can comment on. They’re changing realities at rapid rates.
The Vax and mask mandate is a beast in itself, a beast with iron teeth that is shredding lives, destroying carreers, turning people against each other and causing a raging fire across the Globe.
Countries and states here have latched onto this beast and its devouring all and  crushing everything under its feet.  It’s prophecy revealing itself.

This plandemic was unleashed to keep especially God’s people caught in a whirlwind of confusion, chaos and deceptive psychosis. And it’s happening now. Look at Australia and Canada how tyrannical they have become. And how a portion of (I believe at least 50%) the people have been turned into mindless, meaningless zombies. They have learned the narrative well and attack anyone who tries to wake them up.  But especially  the Christian population, who they have turned against the word of God by using fear, fear of death. 
Using the fear of death to cause all to bow to a beast. We were warned.
Revelation 12:11
They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

America and the western nations instead of being the light on the hill for God has turned into the Israelites under King Hezekiah. You need to read scripture and it will show you. We have become a wicked nation. Sacrificing not only our Unborn at the altar of BAAL but our [born]children to idols. From CRT, to drag queen story hours to pushing for sex changes to worshipping Satan. Yes worshipping Satan. An Illinois school district has created an after school program for young children with the church of Satan. Yes you read that right, and the ruling class encourages it under freedom of religion rhetoric.
Recently a substitute teacher was fired because she wouldn’t acknowledge a young student who identified as a cat. Read that again. The students told her you have to “meow” back to him he identifies as a cat.
We have built many altars to foreign God’s in a land God gave us, we have denied Christ and pushed God out of our land.  Remember the demoncrats removed God from their platform under the obamanation.
And now God’s people are running to false God of government to save and protect them instead of turning to God, they run from Him and even encourage others to do the same.

Your government of idols is not going to save you, God is the only one who can save you.
Yes God sends us healing through doctors but our medical professionals and medical care has been decimated and no longer follows caring healing practices. Christians and those who follow God’s word are now considered in the way of progress.  Multiple reports have surfaced that Biden has started a database with the names of those refusing vaccination under a religious exemption!
Those in power and those who hijacked our medical system portray they are working for the greater good.
They have an elaborate plan that brings about the system of antichrist.
I followed a story about a man named Scott Quiner who is in ICU for covid pneumonia. He was in a hospital in Minnesota that deemed him to be a liability so they quit giving him nutrition and refused any treatment other than the new evil protocol that causes organ failure. They set a date and time to remove his life support to allow him to die.  His wife fought hard and gained the attention of Stew Peter’s which she’d light on this hospitals attempted murder.  He is now in a hospital in Texas who is trying to reverse the damage they caused.
Another case I’ve been following is not in the news but is very real and I suspect many more. They were admitted to a hospital with sepsis and what they called covid pneumonia. They refused ventilation and Remdesivir so they used what they call full volume oxygen which pumps high volumes of oxygen into your lungs which can deliver as much as 60 liters per minute. His was set at 45 liters, this can cause major damage to your lungs also.  They isolated him from family refusing all visitors. He became confused and disoriented.  Refused to give updates to his wife. A nurse practitioner called his wife from his room to tell her and him if he didn’t take remdesivir he would die and which would he rather live without his heart or his kidneys? Incredible! Then after the third dose abruptly removed his high flow oxygen and sent him home, the abrupt removal from the oxygen can in itself cause respiratory failure, 2 days later he’s back in the hospital. I can’t tell you enough to prepare and learn about what is taking place. They, the powers that be, are committing high crimes against humanity.
Do you know how many thousands of dollars hospitals are getting for a patient with Covid? Do you know how many thousands they get for a patient on a ventilator? Do you know how many thousands they get for giving Remdesivir? Do you know how many thousands they get if the patient dies from covid?  There are many Doctors and videos that lay this out. Please educate yourself. Dear God it’s about money and power, and culling the population, not about healing and caring. There I said it.

Focus on the Lord, do not fear, do not allow the fearmongers to break your spirit or your connection with God. We were warned about this! Put on the armor of God, plant your feet and stand firm! It may look like Satan is winning but he is not! And never will! Overcome and claim victory through Christ!

Guard your minds!
2Corinthians 11:3
But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.


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