Put The Year Of Fear And Mass Psychosis Behind Us

2021 has made itself known by fear and mass psychosis and the Liberal demons are circling the wagons.

We have just come through a very dark year with a complete takeover of our medical care and a shredding of our constitution.  Government/corporate over reach turned into tyranny. Our medical system has been decimated and few see it. They are decimating our military, they are destroying the working class, they are decimating our law and order and those who enforce it. All in the name of the great reset. There is no more informed consent, there’s no more freedom to choose with your doctor a treatment. It’s a one size fits all protocol like it or else.  Regardless of effectiveness.

A hospital inTexas denied monoclonal antibodies to a man because he’s white.(More) Now what that tells me is that the evil fauci did indeed target certain genetic races with his gain of function biological weapon. The truth is coming out.  Their narrative is falling apart.

I’ve witnessed mass fear and hysteria this last week the product of the demons ruining our country. An injury sent me to an urgent care clinic over the holidays. It was horrific. Hundreds of people clogging the system because they were afraid and demanded a test. No symptoms just wanted a test for covid. Real emergencies were stuck as I was for 5 1/2 hour wait lines. It’s so sad.  Then I found out the next day it wasn’t only my community but all over our country.  Thousands flocking for tests that are unreliable because of fear.  Even the CDC states the test is useless. (More) What they have done to people is criminal!

Try warning and telling people they have been lied to and you will see demonic hatred aimed at you. And then there’s those like a commenter on my Twitter post about the Home Depot and other corporations joining our demonic government to persecute, discriminating because of religious beliefs, to force injections and testing. She said what religious belief? Before I could answer someone else did explaining as Christians we refuse the death shots because of aborted fetuses used in development. And that doesn’t cover the heinous experiments on children and animals. I’ve written about that before.

Christians wake up, stand up and be heard or get out of the way of those courageous souls on the front line speaking out. What are they afraid of? Afraid of the truth?

God is exposing the darkness from child and adult sex trafficking to the darkness of evil doctors and politicians.

One of the reasons we celebrate the coming New Year, in my opinion is to look back at mistakes and sins of the last year and take time to reflect, repent and look forward with hope,and renewed purpose. Growing up in church, every New year we gathered at church for a night of singing and fellowship. 
We always had a candle light communion and foot washing, as Jesus did.  We ended the  night at the altar about midnight “praying in the new year.”
We need this today! Filled with love, humility and service, Christ left his Disciples with a new Covenant, hope and promise of what’s to come.  We’re coming closer to Christ’s return with every passing day. Pray for those persecuted,pray for those losing their jobs and livelihoods for refusing to bow to man.  Pray for SCOTUS to rule with God’s righteousness on January the 7th. Pray for God’s intervention and repent and turn to Him. He is our only hope.

I asked God 3 questions today. And here’s what He said.
In response to my question what can I say to make people see what’s happening and and repent?
He said: They’ve had my word for thousands of years. And still they don’t know. Then He sent me to scripture Luke 16:19-31
Then I asked God why can’t they hear your Spirit speaking truth to them?
He said, Do they know what it means to be born again? Then He sent me to scripture John 3

I asked Him they won’t believe the warnings what do I do?
He said, You can only warn you can’t make them believe. Then sent me to Galatians 5:13

Let’s make 2022 the year of action. Speak out, stand up and stand firm!

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  1. Amen! Thank you for always being a courageous voice and sounding the alarm. Many hear and see, few respond. May your new year be blessed, your voice be steady, and your spirit be strong.
    God bless you my sister (can’t wait to see you in Heaven!)


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    Liked by 1 person

Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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