“SNL” -Satan’s ‘Mouth Piece’

I was going to write about so much but, this stopped me in my tracks when I heard about it yesterday, and left me with tears this morning when I finally found the video. I am not sharing this filth.
SNL has finally hit an all time demonic low.  They have a history of mocking Christianity but this is pure filth and debauchery.  To mock the Son of God, the only perfect man without sin goes beyond even their filth meter.
Stripping him down to what they call a diaper and “twerking” with Him and the Virgin Mary, while they use a stripper pole is straight from the bowels of hell. And we wonder why we’re under judgement?
Christians must stand up against this filth, degradation and mockery of God!
It’s worth mentioning that in the same evil declarations by SNL they said Roger Stone would happily sit and watch while his wife who has cancer, was gang raped by the Jan. 6th commission! Purely straight from the devils mouth and from the bowels of hell!
Christians have been labeled now as oppressors and have been told to apologize for what they label as proselytizing. The demons in charge want the Gospel of Christ abandoned! Even Obama mocked the Gospel and called Christ’s sermon on the Mount so radical the US Military wouldn’t touch it. How much more will it take? How much longer will the Church in America turn up the music so they can’t hear what’s going on??
If you think CRT isn’t from Satan meant to degrade Christ and Christianity you’ve taken the mark of man with doctrines of demons.
The Salvation Army is the latest to fall into this satanic trap.  Did you know the Southern Baptist Convention adopted CRT and intersectionality recently? I thought the great falling away began a few years ago, and it did but we’re now fully enveloped in it while thousands remain silent.
Regardless of what you believe about Christmas this is still a Holy Time for Christianity. The world knows we celebrate Christ’s birth.  It matters not the day, only that the world rejoices in its Saviour. Stop infighting long enough to defend our Lord, the King of Kings, the Great I Am!
If you deny Him before men, He will deny you!  And don’t even start with the hate comments trying to educate, stop the fighting and back biting long enough to stand up and proclaim I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST!
And to “SNL” You will not mock our King! You owe the Christian world an apology! And to those Christians who are falling to Marxists ideology and blessing it you are in danger of Christ spewing you from His mouth! Wake up!

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  1. You’re right in certain respects, but you cannot put all Christians or the Christian world into the same category. As a matter of fact most of the Christian world is in apostasy and a large part of the ‘falling away‘ (2Thess 2:3). I would rather use true believers and followers of Christ instead, since there are false Christians, make-believe or counterfeit Christians (wolves in sheep clothing), compromising Christians, worldly Christians, etc. No, we don’t ‘owe the Christian Church an apology’.


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