Medical Tyranny Rising On The Back Of A Plague

I remember when you could talk to your doctor and even get a second opinion before accepting treatment. When healthcare was really free. Not financially free but free to choose and make informed consent.  It used to be a right. Made possible by the “Patients bill of rights.”
Over the last 2 decades our medical system has been decimated by money grabbing corporations.  This began over 3 decades ago with corporate takeovers of hospitals.  I watched it with my own eyes. I was caught in it.  After the money-mongers took over if you didn’t charge a patient for every bandaid, every alcohol wipe, every piece of gauze you were fired. This is true.
They brought about a milieu that said we get paid whether the patient lives or dies so let’s charge as much as we can, let’s reccomend surgeries and treatments known to harm or cause death because we can.

Obamas roll out of socialized medicine with the promise of if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor didn’t really catch on with most Americans. Enter the plague. Now unless you take the advice and treatment of government controlled medical tyranny your out.
We are watching the fury of Obama unleashed on America. America was the last holdout for socialized medicine where government decides when or if you receive medical treatment.  Those who wanted socialized medicine here were led to believe that it would be free medical treatment for all.  It couldn’t be farther from the truth. One thing they don’t want you to know is how they’re treating the plague. They’re not treating it they have turned hospitals into one giant hospice and their choice of treatment is Remdesivir that causes all organ failure, and ventilation that destroys lungs. This requires a court to intervene for alternative treatment proven effective, to be followed.
Protocols have been changing for decades.  But the last 20 years have seen rapid changes.
Those death panels that Obama denied was in his plan have finally manifested in real time.
So in reality government owned health care via corporate take over has been in the works for years.  We now know corporate and big tech is run by our Government via Democrat socialists. Censorship, fear mongering, and propaganda have become tools for those destroying America to totally, and fundamentaly transform America and push Americans to comply or die. Too harsh?  No its not its fact.
Compliance to this takeover is an ungodly, unbiblical evil entity demanding allegiance.
Even Pastor Jeffries says this is the most ungodly administration in modern, recent history. (More)

The finalization of government takeover of our hospitals and doctors even clinics happened under the umbrella of a national emergency, covid brought billions of dollars to all of the above, in the name of emergency aid so it would be palliatible, and accepted by Americans.  They totally destroyed the system to usher in the new build back better form of (socialized) government issued and controlled health care. Did you really think they gave covid aide out of the goodness of their hearts and concern for you? But they didn’t count on Americans loving freedom more.  They didn’t count on the people of Western Nations loving freedom more.  We’re finding that even churches are compromised in complicitness with government. The Christian denominations used to be a powerful voice one to be listened to.  Key words are “used to be.”
Put your Faith in God, seek out health care providers who are still working in Godly principles.  I have but I’ve also noticed these are under tremendous pressure to comply or face exile from the medical community or lose their license.  They are causing so many to be complicit in their death and destruction campaign to usher in New age, ungodly transhumanism, with the great reset of the 4th industrial revolution. The revolution that promises to meld big tech, AI, and biological warfare to control the population, and destroy God’s creation.  Destroy our connection to God, and kill babies for the stem cells of advancement.  They have been planning this and MRNA technology for decades.
Satan knows Christians won’t fall easily.  But yet in my opinion thousands have.
Time to WAKE up.

Headlines that make you shake your head:

Media Lambastes Sen. Ron Johnson For Speaking Truth

California School Teaching Kids To Use  Witchcraft On Those Claiming All Lives Matter

Renowned virologist warns of ‘collapse of our health system’ due to complications from COVID vaccines

Law school application offers 13 genders…

The COVID PCR test is a complete fraud

666 Cases of Heart Disease in 12 to 17-Year-Olds after COVID Shots – Less than 2 Cases Per Year Following All Vaccines for Past 30+ Years

COVID Vaccine Intended To Reduce World’s Population Without Anyone Suspecting Says Leading Doctor

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