Domestic Terrorism In America- Happening In Real Time

An open letter to those destroying America.

I never thought I’d have to write this here in our country, yet here we are. To the domestic terrorists funded by our own government, you WILL NOT strike terror in our hearts.  You WILL NOT stop us from worshipping our Lord and Saviour through Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You WILL NOT take away our freedom, you will only strengthen our reserves to lock arms with our brothers and sisters of all colors just as we did in the days of Martin Luther King Jr.  YOU WILL NOT cause us to hate our brothers and sisters, you who follow your father the devil who was a liar and murderer from the beginning, you WILL NOT win!
And that includes Christians.  Many are wondering why Evangelical leaders and even the Pope are silent while Christians are persecuted. That’s why.
Sunday night we
Witnessed a demon possessed man mow down Christians celebrating Christmas. Six have now died one being an 8 year old boy! With 40 injured.  This is terrorism and we can’t allow them to spin this.  A narrative emerged and was given as gospel by even Fox news that the demon was fleeing cops from the scene of a crime. An out and out lie. Even the Police Chief warned about that lie, but lie they did.  This demon has page after page of terroristic crimes including running down his girlfriend in a car and pimping a 16 year old girl in Nevada.  Read more here , here , here and here.

Don’t cover it up don’t allow them to cover it up.

In California domestic terrorists continue to terrorize high
End stores in mobs, stealing and causing chaos and on Sunday they finally made it to a pharmacy and stole medicines. How long will they call this simple looting and excuse these terrorists? We have lawlessness portrayed as good.  And we have those defending property and persons demonized. God intervened with Kyle Rittenhouse but remember David Dorn? The black police officer killed by demonic terrorists in St Louis for protecting a friend’s property? Or the hundreds of video showing these demons beating citizens with skate boards, 2×4’s, bricks and molotov cocktails? All this was called peaceful by the demonic enablers like CNN and MSNBC. All have called terror (evil) good and good evil. Remember Obama made excuses for Islamic terrorists by saying they were underprivileged and misunderstood.
Now on the heels of an American massacre of Christians celebrating, Rashida Tlaib says empty all the prisons. Yes she did.  This is done by design. Why won’t Christian leaders admit this, why are Christian leaders silent?  Oh that’s right they enjoy money and large crowds and can’t be bothered with truth!  Again, they’re following the teachings of Jezebel.
If Christian leaders don’t stop preaching cheap grace and doctrines of demons we’re given over to the beast Christ warned of in Revelation and it caused ALL to follow him. Will you stand before Christ and say, well I didn’t know it was THE beast and besides my preacher said it wasn’t? Or will you join in warning and stand with those urging caution? Will you stand before Christ and explain why you willingly went with a worldly view?  Decide now whom you will worship, as for me and my house we will follow the Lord.
And in case your still wondering how a plague can cause a mark of the beast, look at what Australia is doing. Everyone rich or poor has to take the mark or be denied the power to buy sell or trade and now they have begun rounding up citizens and taking them to “quarantine” camps even if your only exposed to this plague.
And if your still trusting in our beastly government look at what they did to people on Jan. 6th. When news coverage first reported the chaos they reported police were firing rubber bullets, tear gas and flash grenades, but that lasted only a minute and never again mentioned. They reverted to showing those storming the steps and then Ashley Babbit was killed. Well look at what they did to people trapped in a tunnel. If you wondered why the National Guard wasn’t deployed I think this was why. They knew the National Guard wouldn’t have allowed this communist regime to attack innocent people. Yes innocent people. And still today political prisoners from this demonic communist regime are being held in third world style gulags.

Our world is turned upside down our 3 branches of government have joined as one demonic force against the people and the FBI has become their Gestapo.

And you think you can trust this demon infested governing body?? You think they really have our interests in their hearts? You think they’re threatening doctors and nurses to keep quiet because they have our best interest at heart? I wrote this on social media (facebook) and it says it all. Take your stand for Christ and truth NOW!
God says fear not, I will not live my life in fear. I choose faith. I choose God over scientists there I’ve said it. I trust God not fauci. I have so much to be thankful for even in the midst of turmoil. I follow God not man. I don’t need fauci to tell me I can be thankful and praise God this Thanksgiving. Remember the Persecuted and remember those losing their jobs every day for standing up for their freedom, ask God to Bless them. Thank you Lord for my friends and family. And God Bless Waukesha.

2 Corinthians 4:8-9
8 We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9 persecuted but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

In Christ we are Victorious!

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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