The War On Reality Rages On

I search literally hundreds of articles and videos every week. I’ll try to share the most relevant so you don’t have to.
The war on reality just reached a new level. If your watching you know this. The oligarchs and globalists have destroyed so much of our world I really believe we’ve crossed a line, one we can’t go back over. We will not stop resisting and telling truth, and with God we already know He will be victorious over those who destroy the world.
What are we looking at? So much is happening its hard to keep up. Someone said there are weeks where nothing happens and then there are days where weeks happen.  We’re in those days now. OSHA has mandated marks for the vaxed and unvaxed as well. Soon we will be forced to wear a mask at work if they accept an exemption. A mark worn on our face to show all, in their words, that we are diseased and dirty. So many are already forcing vaccine passports before you enter a business.  Now in San Francisco children 5-11 will have to show their passport.
Our medical system has been decimated. Those wanting socialized medicine should be ecstatic.  The only protocol for treating Covid is mandated by our Government, not our Doctor but our government! They are using Remdesivir a drug that causes major organ failure and intubation. They are literally killing people. More nurses and Doctors are speaking out, but they’re being punished. Watch this video with Dr. Brian Ardis!
Colorado just issued an order that all unvaxed will not be treated in a hospital. And it’s horrifying like straight out of a science fiction movie or alternate reality. (More) It’s the vaccinated that are causing the hospitals to clog and even deaths from heart diseases, blood cots and neurological disorders. That’s a fact. (More)
Senator Ron Johnson held a meeting last week with Doctors and scientists and those injured by the vaccine. Of course fauci and big pharma declined to come. I’ll put a link so you can see this it’s heartbreaking. (Click here)

To continue the assault on our children the demonic announced Critical race theory will now be mandatory in the BOY SCOUTS! It wasn’t enough to open it to girls it didn’t cause the chaos and mind altering program they wanted. (More)

The demons occupying our capitol are continuing to send plane loads of illegals in the dead of night to Florida. (More) Remember the thousands of Haitians? Well the missionaries kidnapped by Haitians are most likely dead, but one report says some may still be alive. And Biden is silent. While the Pope fawned all over him recently on his visit to rome. (More) Pray for them!
Pray for one another, love one another and stand firm! Resist, and speak out! Pray for those of us facing termination, for strength and courage to live our faith. These links are very important to help keep you grounded in reality.


Watch or listen to this especially the first hour. Austin Broer is in the second hour. Highly reccomended! “The lies that blind!”

Covid “vaccine” spike proteins destroy DNA repair pathways, paving the way for CANCER to grow and spread

Crazy-eyed woman says as soon as her infant children can get “vaccinated,” she’s going to deliberately spread covid everywhere to infect the unvaccinated… and your children just might die

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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