The Beast Grows Stronger Everyday And Christians Are Falling At Its Feet

That’s right open your eyes and you will see it too. Even Tucker Carlson says the church is backing the vaccine and is making it a religion.
Australia is committing crimes against humanity on its people. It really has become a prison planet for the beast that is rising in control of the world. Read here and here and here.
Canada just arrested Christian Pastor Pawlawski again! He returned to Canada after an event here and they arrested him at the airport. Watch here.
In New York tens of thousands of medical staff were terminated for refusing a vaccine!Read here. Tell me again that this isn’t a mark of the beast! They will not be eligible for unemployment according to the new Governor. Their lives are ruined carriers are smashed along with their dreams. These are the very ones who were at the front line from day one!
This is satanic! A report shows a doctor smirking while he says he accidentally? Injected twin babies with a full adult dose of vaccine. He says he can’t wait to study the effects! Whaaat?! Read here.

We are human guinea pigs and now they want the children. This man and those hurting our children and yes even killing them in abortion, according to Christ will be judged and their fate will be worse than tying a millstone around their necks  and jumping into the ocean.

Christians are becoming drooling, zombies attacking everyone who doesn’t bow to this beast. Even reccomending all to bow. Franklin Graham is not the only one the Pope, the Vicor of Christ just enacted a vaccine passport before you can enter the Vatican!
Apps are being designed, and there’s one hospital that says if your unvaccinated you must wear a different color badge so everyone will know! Wake up!
Wrist bands have also been designed with trackers inserted, and in Australia an app is rolling out as a tracker with a mandate to check in! Read here.

It’s way past time to WAKE up! Stand up, stand firm and bold for faith in God and Christ.
This comment (name removed) was placed on a Twitter post from Knox County mayor begging people to not put the children between this vicious fight over children being forced to wear a mask or opt out. Both he and the Governor of Tennessee said parents can decide if their child wears a mask. Two people challenged that and got a judge to mandate masks for children, this mayor’s opinion was attacked viciously even his personal appearance simply for wanting freedom to choose.

Screenshot twitter

This one comment stuck in my craw and if it doesn’t bother you, you’ve bowed completely to the beast.

Screen shot Twitter name removed for privacy

Again wake up, wake up and wake up. The fear mongers should not be worshipped, Christ is ever present and he’s not going anywhere. When he returns and he’s coming soon will he find faith? Or will he find even Christians worshipping other God’s and man, worshipping a facial covering or a DNA altering shot, will he find you trusting science, or men that don’t have a soul like fauci, or Biden? Or governments that promise a saviour in response to your fear? There is no man coming to save us. The other day I saw this article about a billboard in Georgia and it made me physically ill. Read here.There is only one Saviour of the world and His name is Christ, the Great I Am! These heartless soulless people are withholding proven medical treatment in order to force people to bow to their biological weapon. Stop bowing and caving to fear, stop saying it can’t be the end time for we are still here! Stop saying it can’t be a mark of the beast while people’s lives are being ruined unable to work, buy or sell without it. Do your own Research and take it to God in Prayer. Who will you serve? I choose God and the blood of Christ not scientists. Speak out, stand firm and bold. Hold the line!


Neil Oliver: “The strongest smell of fear is coming from the government-issued smells like victory hold the line

President of Croatia exposes media for LYING and spreading panic about covid, says NO MORE vaccination allowed in his country

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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