God Is Exposing The Darkness Behind The Global Reset And Its Terrifying

We can now say that the elites, the globalists, the technocrats, call them what you want, but we can say their plan is unraveling for all to see. The question is will you stand up? Will you stand with the millions across the world and here that are losing their jobs,their way of life and families because they aren’t giving up their free will or their soul?

I’m putting 3 videos here that are a must watch. The first one is about Australia.  Australians are suffering. Tremendously. Watch the police pull this woman’s child away from her. Her crime? Being outside and quietly peacefully protesting. There are many dark videos from Australia, like the one of a man begging for mercy as police beat him.


They’re also firing rubber bullets at their heads for simply being outside. This is so very dark. Pray for Australia. And stand up and stand your ground here!
One is from Project Veritas revealing an FDA official saying they would like to use a blow gun on black Americans to force the Vax on them.


You’ve probably seen the breaking news about Fauci and Daszak.
Fauci and friends have been inventing this dark bioweapon for years and the Telegraph actually broke the story.
(Telegraph)”Leaked documents reveal researchers applied for $14m to fund controversial project in 2018″ They went on to quote their source “The scary part is they were making infectious chimeric Mers viruses,” the source said. 
They applied to DARPA and DARPA refused. Proving they intended for this bioweapon to be released on the world! (More)
Again our healthcare here is now socialized medicine compliments of fauci and the NIH. The hospitals under the NIH have turned into a place to die. Even the FDA bows to them. As evidenced by their vote to squash boosters 16-2. Then Fauci steps in and minds change. More and more Americans and others in the world are waking up but is it too late? Are we compromising our very soul to Satan? If you don’t step back and take a stand for God the answer is yes.
These demons want our soul and our free will as the next video explains.

Satan has hated God’s creation from day one because we have free will. He waged war in Heaven and he and the fallen angels were cast to earth.
These demons running our country and the world are out for blood. Our blood. Our DNA is unique to God, and they want to destroy that.
I’ve read and reread Revelation 13:1-10 many times today. If your wondering about the fatal wound remember God told the serpent that Eves seed (Christ) would crush his head. I Asked for guidance and I got my answer.  We are indeed headlong into the beast kingdom of Revelation. The beast is set there are many fighting for their place. The 4 that have Risen to the top are Fauci, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Bill Gates.

Their evil is unbelievable. To this you could add China’s xii, and “Big Pharma” headed by Phizer,and “Big Tech” headed by Bezos,Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

There are medical experts all over the world who say this fall the bioattacks from the virus they’re still working on and the vaccine will cause rising death counts.
I heard that CNN said the 4 worst words were “Do your own research.” They don’t want you to know the truth! Do your research, take it to God and open your eyes and ears, turn to Christ. He is our only hope. Through Him we can do anything. They will try to degrade us, they will try to force us, these demons know we won’t freely deny our beliefs, or our Saviour. They’re here now, are you ready?

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  1. YEP, and who owns and controls all the BIG PHARMA and MEDIA? And the 4 named are all of the same group.

    Noahide laws anyone?

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  2. Fauci – he certainly looks demonic.

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