Biden Declared Our  Free Republic Is Dead-Welcome To The New World Order

On the 9th of September, as we mourn and remember, the demon posing as a legitimate president of America, declared there are no civil liberties, there are no religious beliefs except his.  His beliefs that he is God and can dictate what is best for each of us, breaking all aspects of our Constitution.  He dictated his beliefs would be followed, no legislation from Congress only his law will be followed or you will not be allowed to work, buy, sell or trade.  If your not looking at this whole picture, your missing more than the mark of a beast, your missing satan’s minions declaring they are God. Your missing satans minions declaring we did it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.   Yesterday a picture surfaced of a smiling pelosi demon with one of satans brightest, George Soros.  (More) No longer a conspiracy theory.  This is what the demons running our country handed over to the communist globalists.  They handed our trust, our soverignty, our God given rights over to the evil beast. if we don’t stand up now, then they have won.  The greatest generation gave their lives to fight this communism on foriegn shores.  And we just watched as war was declared and won in our Capitol.
These entities truly believe they will control our very thoughts, actions, and beliefs or we will pay.  Look at what is happening in Australia.  It’s turned into a real prison colony.  In the present time, not the past.  Canada has followed close behind.  In fact the New World Order was declared this week in Australia. An official stated “we are looking into contact tracing and how it will play into the NEW WORLD ORDER.” Pray for Australians.   Pelosi knew what would happen when they put themselves above God, that’s why she is putting the fencing back up in DC  But as it say’s in Revelation they can not hide from God, they can not hide from the wrath of Christ. (Revelation 6:15) or (Isaiah 2:19) We are now a third world nation under evil tyrannical dictatorship.   Even China declared George Soros a international terrorist who destroys countries and starves the population. Stand your ground, do not give an inch.  Decide this day whom you will serve.   Nothing that comes from the satanic Capitol can be trusted or believed.
Build your communities, bond together and understand that we are truly in a spiritual war for the very soul of our country. It’s true it’s not hyperbole or conspiracy theory its fact.  This plague was created in a lab with US funding by Fauci and his underlords, and the vaccine itself is consdered by many as a bioweapon. (More) The first few days of the plague, I posted a short post on Twitter that said “Is this the beginning of the great culling?”  And someone immediately commented, what the ***** are you talking about about?  I laughed and let it go, but that’s exactly what it is.  They are culling the herd for their new green world order. Thousands have died from the vaccine, thousands have delibitating, long lasting conditions like heart disease, and neurologic conditions.  Just ask Eric Clapton.  The CDC’s own VAERS website lists thousands of these effects. I know some conservatives are pushing the regeneron or the monoclonal antibodies.  But even these are made from Mice antibodies and have been tested and researched with aborted fetal tissue. The takedown of our healthcare is complete witht the exception of a few hundred doctors and nurses brave enough to say No.  Deny it all you want but this is a facist corporate takeover of our country, with facist, communist ideology.  

The obamanation of desolation finally realizes its ultimate goal. To decimate and degrade America from its Healthcare down to American workers. Destroying jobs and lives through a planned pandemic to ruining lives by killing jobs, putting Americans in danger with millions of illegals bussed in to our cities. And refusing to mandate shots for them, and threatening to invade the rights and sovereignty of individual states if they don’t bow to the new king (beast).
The new befuddled king announced Thursday that this is not about our rights and if Governors don’t bow he will remove them!(More)
Those watching know exactly what’s happened, the ultimate fundamental transformation of America is complete, according to them. If you think that the old fool in the white house knows what’s going on your very wrong.  He is only the scapegoat.  They knew full well they were committing treason and other high crimes and they have been saying for years that our constitution is outdated and will be rewritten. The scapegoat was used to complete the illusion, and their murderous reign of desolation.

If Romans 13 meant to bow to a government beast John would not have been the only Apostle that lived a long life and die of natural causes.  That was Christ’s choice by the way. All other Apostles were executed because the only government they bowed to was the kingdom of heaven with Christ as king of kings! Read that again. And that is our mission in case you haven’t read the book of Revelation.

Eric Shaw from Fox News said “you can not negotiate with terrorists.” He was speaking of 9/11 and o’bidens handing arms and a country to terrorists.
Given recent events I believe at this point the demoncrat ruling elites are terrorists. I will not negotiate/comply with domestic terrorists. How can I say that? Since for sure Clinton, and if you believe JFK was killed by these terrorists, then from JFK onward, the demoncrats have done nothing but cause pain, suffering and embarrassment to America. Someone had to say it.

Domestic terrorists (demoncrats) have unleashed an army of demons to burn our cities, maim and even kill Americans, they have dragged us kicking and screaming through Benghazi, through assassinations of other leaders, and now using a release of a bio-chemical weapon have declared war on Americans.  Especially Christians clinging to the word of God and faith.
By declaring safe, effective medicines be banned, they are effectually portraying their global extinction plan unleashing their ultimate goal of world depopulation.  It’s a barely covered topic except by some conservatives that fauci funded gain of function research, add the large DNA database owned by China and  they can now target individual groups of people based on genetic codes. In other words it makes genocide easier.
Take care of your God given immune system, network and know your community and pull together they have successfully segregated 80 million of us, they have successfully declared war be it spiritual and physical.  They have declared war on our freedom of religious belief, they have declared war on God’s design, they have declared war on our choice to separate from the world, they have declared war on free thinking and freedom of opinions.  And Satan’s temple declared war on life, by insisting human sacrifice (abortion) is their religious ritual. And o’biden and the rest declare that abortion is a God given right. And if you think they told the truth when they enacted the “Roe V Wade” abortion law read this.

I don’t have time to bring the sheep along and feed them milk and toast, God say’s we’re out of time.  He’s awakening His remnant and the lions.  


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  1. The few that they are only succeed when the many that we are lay down and prostrate ourselves before them. When we stand our ground it’s game over. This means anyone with a job that aids their plans must stop doing it until they are defeated. Buying their products must stop too. Trust Jesus and having done all to stand, stand. If we can’t even do this it’s game over for us and our country.

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