From Medical Tyranny To A President Aiding Terrorists–An Unstable World

There is so much hatred in this country its palpable and hard to believe.  Doctors in Florida are refusing to treat the unvaccinated. There are threats to those refusing the gene therapy Phizer shot. Even calls to send us to Afghanistan. That much hatred is hard to wrap your head around.  There are many saying that Christian conservatives

are like, or worse than the taliban. Yes we behead, torture and kill those who don’t share our values.  How stupid are these people? How much hatred they have for humanity.
There’s so much going on I don’t know what to say.  It’s like God’s heart is bleeding and Christ is crying in agony. When I reach out to Him that’s what I get. That’s what He wants me to say. I feel like His pain is from the demonic slaughter of innocents in Afghanistan as well as the slaughter of babies here, the slaughter of Christians in places like Iran, China and North Korea, the hatred toward Christians who follow God who do not give in to fear of death like so many.
It will get worse. The beast kingdom is here, the 10 Kings are at work and Christ is our only hope. Many are warning of coming lockdowns, checkpoints at state borders, collapse of food chains, and economy. Drought will bring much suffering in the West. Wild convulsions of nature have brought death with flooding and storms like in Waverly Tennessee recently.
Media hyping fear again and heaping hatred too.  Cases are rising but many reports show its the vaccine causing this. I have listened to hundreds of videos, read hundreds of articles and believe this to be true. Research it yourself but you’ll need to pray and ask for guidance. Many Doctors and scientists are warning but so many refuse to hear.
Australia is resembling a prison and not a country, they are lock downed that bad. They’re told they can’t watch a sunset, they can only excercise an hour a day. I saw on our news where they arrested teenagers for being out after curfew.  One Australian says they arrested a pregnant woman for a Facebook post complaining about the lockdown. They use drones and helicopters to enforce these barbaric penalties.  It will come here.  The Great Reset is here led by Big Pharma.  When Biden announced that the FDA approved Phizers vaccine he said he expected corporations to fall in line and mandate vaccinations. Corporations to fall in line. I personally know of at least 5 in the hospital now and on ventilators and they were fully vaxed. I also know 2 that developed cancer after the Vax. Another refuses to get a booster because the second shot “did something” to them. They couldn’t walk, or pick up their grandchildren for weeks. I also have heard about many having gastric problems (pain) so bad they can’t work. I have seen personality changes in people after they had the shot.

But today Afghanistan takes center stage.

I honestly can not believe that the current president handed a country to enemies of all Western Nations, handing a death sentence to Americans and Afgjani’s that helped us.  They gave them 600,000 rifles, 2,000 Armored vehicles 40 aircraft 7 brand new Black Hawk helicopters. They have a war chest bigger than many countries. They will now kill Americans with our own equipment.
I sobbed watching the GOP House veterans. They cried out for a leader worthy to lead. I cried with them. The generals and Pentagon spokesman are shameful how they stand before us & lie. Biden & party is disgraceful. Our sons & daughters serve under them. God protect our military!

I watched another press conference with House Republicans.  One told that his interpreter he used when he was in Afghanistan made his way to the airport and was recognized by Taliban, they seized him and took him to his house and beheaded him in front of his family. I literally screamed Dear God when I heard that. The corporate, oligarchs controlling the media won’t tell you that.  Biden will tell you everything’s fine, his general will tell you everything’s fine. It’s not, the gates of hell have opened the abyss and demons are running rampant. AlQueda is there and ISIS is there. We gave them a new base of operations with millions in weapons.

The British Parliament has condemned and its reported even censored Biden. They are appalled at his incompetence. One member said this:

Lord Ricketts: Confidence in NATO has been damaged. China is the main beneficiary of President Biden’s decision. ‘America is back’ now sounds rather hollow—’America is backing down’ fits the case better. The British priority must be to address the damage done to NATO, to rebuild effective political consultations within NATO, and to focus on European security and the risk of Islamic terrorism in Europe. (more)

He has single handedly destroyed and destabilized the world. China is the only benefactor of this.
The Gateway Pundit reported this:

The Taliban has taken 20 children hostage in Afghanistan. The terror group is threatening their fathers to surrender or they will slaughter their children.

Breitbart is reporting Seven people were crushed to death Saturday as massed crowds fell against concrete barriers outside Kabul airport as they gathered to try to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban took control, according to Britain’s Ministry of Defence.”

Biden is ignoring G 7 leaders and allowing the Taliban to dictate our policies. I called all my reps demanding they bring all Americans home. You do the same.
Pray for our Military, our veterans who gave so much in this war only to have their so called commander in chief placate to the enemy that sacrificed them.
Christians are in grave danger there, pray for God to send His warring angels to protect them.
I’m praying for God to strike this evil, yes it’s imprecatory prayers but it’s time for all to petition Heaven for those who want to destroy the earth and shed innocent blood. It’s time to throw away cotton candy sermons, and itchy ear doctrine. Time for boldness. God did not give us a spirit of fear! Christians take a side and stand firm and bold!


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