Socialized Medicine, Has Destroyed Our Healthcare As Our Constitution Burns

The riots we witnessed last summer are forever burned in my mind. The images of burning buildings, lawlessness and beatings and killings by the mob screaming we will burn down this system! And the demoncrats applauded and went to work changing and making oppressive laws and customs at a new fervor. Those elected to represent us and our constitution are MIA. At least in mind, taking care only to do what they’re told by the oligarchs. A few are speaking out pray for them.

The takedown of our health system began actually in the later 80’s as corporations began buying up hospitals and clinics.  But it was taken down and replaced with socialized, new world order, medicine on day one of the worldwide lockdown. Doctors are kept from providing care, medicines and treatments they know work and everything learned for them has been turned inside out and upside down. A local doctor said he would prescribe hydroxychloroquine but the state banned pharmacies from providing it!
I say again it’s time to WAKE up and choose a side.  Yes it’s come to that. No more fence riding, no more middle of the road.
Those screaming for socialized medicine have a reality check and I mean now.
They used the unleashed bio-weapon to do many things, locked down the world to institute worldwide control. Call it marxism, call it socialism but it’s the great reset. It’s the beast kingdom period.
I’ll attempt to use ochams razor as we already know who “they” are. Our world has been turned upside down and inside out. Exactly what Obama said he would do in his first term. I believe he’s in his third term. And the DHS just sent a warning to police that if you question the election your a terrorist.
It’s already been shown how our constitution has been shredded. Canada is full blown new world order even condoning the burning of churches. And arresting Pastors for simply holding worship.
The green new deal passed our Senate and is on its way to becoming law. Make no mistake that’s what this budget is, the green new deal.  Christians and white conservatives are labeled as terrorists by the DHS in recent warnings.  (more)

Screenshot Ice Age Farmer (Telegram)

Internment camps and involuntary commitment is being set up right now, here in America. Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee quietly wrote an executive order to call in the National Guard and mandated that a person can be involuntarily committed to a “facility” over the phone. This is horrible don’t dismiss it. The CDC has its own plan for camps. (More)
You know how confused and chaotic it was while the media whipped up the flames of covid and screaming there’s no treatment were all going to die. Stay in your homes, only essential travel and you must wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart. No meetings at church or parties or going out to eat. Lock down now.
Doctors brave enough to scream about treatments were threatened and even arrested. Medication that could have saved lives were banned.
It’s starting to surface why and just how our medical system has been totally hijacked and destroyed. While we were adrift on the sea in the middle of the media hurricane of confusion and chaos they went to work. Fauci and the NIH wrote all the new guidelines, treatments and medications for the bioweapon. Yes they did. And even with Bill Gates mandating their vaccine. It’s coming out. Kate Dalley God bless her has exposed this new medical protocol for what it is. “The protocol is killing people not the disease.”  Everybody should know this if you’ve escaped the feeding frenzy by the piranha media, as many many brave doctors and nurses are speaking out. Please listen to her podcast (0806 part 1 of sharing her story) she literally saved her husband’s life! If you listen to nothing else listen to this!
Then there’s the Doctor who was restrained, he was restrained because he advocated for a patient that the hospital was refusing to treat. The patient simply needed antibiotics for pneumonia and they refused to give it to him. Again it was the death protocol and they would follow it. (more)
You need to know these things and how they are destroying our health care. You will never look at Fauci or the CDC the same.(if you don’t already)  Look for the truth God is laying it wide open. Open your eyes!
Again it’s time to choose. Fear or Faith. Our brothers and sisters in France are suffering. A friend on Facebook gives a heart rendering story of what he’s going through. He can’t work, travel, buy or sell because of the mark of the beast there.  They are already under mandatory vaccine passports and frequent lockdowns.  Pray for him and others for God to give them strength. Pray for all who face mandatory masks and or vaccines. Some here are even calling for the unvaccinated to be shot. In Philadelphia they have mandated 2 masks for unvaccinated. And that’s not a typo it’s 2 masks in the middle of our scorching heat that in itself is causing death. If you stand up and say no I will not cover my face because we were made in the image of God and I will not cover it again, or I refuse to hide my light for Christ under a mask, or point out that masks cause more problems than good, you will be terminated (at least thats what I was told) and or, soon we won’t be able to buy, sell, trade or travel as our brothers and sisters in Europe, New Zealand and others.
This is so very dark. Pray for God to intervene and protect His people. The world’s judgement is already decided. Earthquakes have been out the roof. Just today Haiti is hit hard with 227 deaths so far and a tropical storm barreling their way. At the same time there was a quake 6.9 off Alaska. Fires are scorching California like never before. The smoke is so thick in Colorado you can’t see from those fires. Drought striking lands even here are reaching critical stages. It’s interfering in food chains everywhere. Look at the shelves in the store. Ours are bare again of many staples. If your growing your own garden which we all should, you’ll find there are few jars and no lids to can your harvest. It’s here, it’s time to lean into Christ He is our only salvation. I have a small group where I live of those who will pull together, build a community.  Take a stand and stand firm. It’s hard trust me I’m making my stand now, and I have to constantly say “He who is in me is stronger than he who is in the world.” And “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” These powers do not care that they are ruining peoples lives and livelihoods that’s their goal to break your spirit and faith. Stand strong.  God will prevail and remember THERE IS VICTORY IN JESUS, OUR SAVIOUR FOREVER! We are a new creation in Christ. Stand up and shout it, stand firm.


We Will Not Comply:A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny

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  1. Ordo ab chao.

    These are occultists of the freemasonry school. Doing what their master commands.

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