The Main Stream Gaslighters Are Laying Out Nothing But Hatred And Fear- Mocking God

Beware of the self righteous pharisees like Trey Gowdy in the main slaughter media.
I don’t watch Fox that often but as I waited for Mark Levin I saw Trey Gowdy mock Christians and God’s word. He’s not as conservative as you think and definitely not Christian. Mocking someone’s beliefs may seat you with the cool kids but God is taking notes Trey.
I was shocked and brought to tears twice last night. Trey Gowdy announced that the most stupid thing he’s heard was the misinformation by Christians who believe that the poisonous shot could be the mark of the beast. He went on to say he was reading Revelation and found that it was written that before the apocalypse a senator he had on would work with Eliizabeth Warren.  Trey obviously missed the verse in Revelation where it says don’t add anything or these curses, will be applied to you. Way to go Trey. You now have a seat with the fallen angels, the unbelievers and all liars.

That was the second time I was brought to tears, as the hatred for Christian Conservatives cuts like thousands of knives. That’s the only way I can describe the hatred for God’s people.
Those of us who have chosen to listen to God and His word that have refused a God altering life code shot are in great danger. That’s not hyperbole its fact. The most recent threat came from CNN’s (devils media) Anderson Cooper and Bill Gates.  They both gleefully announced that those who are unvaccinated should have the benefit of Social Security removed. (More)

This sent chills of horror and sadness down my spine. You remove social security, that is not a benefit, as people paid all their lives into that, it translates as murder the elderly because that is what will happen.  It’s hard enough for some to decide between food or medicine but remove SS and thousands would die within weeks. Is that what they wanted from the beginning? I believe yes, the cabalists like Bill Gates intends to de-populate the earth. And in case you haven’t put 2 and 2 together that goes against the very command of God to go forth and populate the earth. Satanists every last one of them.
War has been declared on God and His people, we were warned and never has Christ’s words that the world will hate you for my name been more in your face and true. But remember he also said don’t let your heart be troubled.
John 14
27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
That was one of the last things Christ said before His sacrifice DO NOT BE AFRAID!
Fear porn has clouded the words of God for so many even Christians. It has caused many to fall and bow to Satanists for protection. Do not follow these false shepards over the cliff of the abyss!
Stand up, put on the armor of God and stand firm in His word!  Christ is the only way out of this wicked cesspool. The Kings of the Beast are drooling they swallowed the lie of power and they know not their time is short.  When will you realize that the false prophet, led by the wicked mysticism of the cabal is ruling as I write this with the beast. And the dragon, that great serpent of old.  The wearing down of the saints has begun. Expect nothing but chaos, famine and death for those who follow him.
Spend some time in prayer, and open your eyes.

“Your kind aren’t welcome here” ( video)

This is a battle between our Lord and the devil-Doctor Nun slams forced vaccination and communism (Read here)

HR6666 Covid 19 testing reaching and contacting everyone (Read the bill here)

Watch this video from Clay Clark please. He’s the first hour of the Hagmann Report

Tom Horn lays out some great information in this video, I personally think he’s right but still don’t hold to a timeline. Watch and learn where we are.

Dr. Ryan Cole-what the vaccine spike protein dies to the body (video)

Stew Peters talks about the media’s use of fear porn and more (video)

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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