The Wearing Down Of The Saints-By Isolating, Covering Our Faces And Dividing Us With Fear- When Will You Say Enough?

The Bible Refers to Saints as Christians or those set apart by Christ. This is what I’m referring to, not the Catholic definition of Saint. We are all Saints, at least the true followers of Christ.

According to Compelling truth:

“The New Testament uses the word saint or saints 67 times. In every instance, the reference is to all believers (e.g. Acts 26:10; Romans 1:7; 1 Corinthians 1:2). Never is the word used of a special group of believers who serve God better than others. Scripture is clear that all Christians are Saints.”

Revelation warns us that satan will wage war against the saints. Daniel also warns of the wearing down of the saints Daniel 7:25

This wearing down of the saints is in full force. As we watch Christians and even whole churches fall one by one to follow after the beast kingdom, and the demonic waxing, it truly does wear us down. I know at times it’s hard for me to even form a prayer. That’s when I pray the Lord’s prayer sometimes hourly. God knows our heart. When we hear talking heads of the demon possessed say in the exact words of Revelation, the unvaccinated should not be able to buy or sell or work,or even go to church that dear brothers and sisters is the mark of the beast kingdom. They are even seeking to stop Christians from religious exemptions.

Now put away your nicely done and expensive charts and timelines for one moment and open your mind. The oligarchs are all sounding their clanging symbols using fear and lies to support the new lockdown of society and the suppression of God’s people. I think we’ve established that the Kingdom of the Beast is here and now, complete with the 10 kings in their place.

Never in modern history except for communist countries like China has God’s church been kneecapped and closed. Never in the West have Pastors been arrested simply for a worship service. The fear now is for a variant that has no test, no way to identify, and according to many experts even one that made the Vaccine, warn this is coming from the vaccinated. And we must all wear masks and get the poison injection. You know the one that destroys your immune system and changes the God code. And those filthy masks that cause disease and hide the Glory of God, yes new mandates for those too.

“A consistently masked congregation strips the humanity of God’s people and further separates those who are called to be one in Christ.”

A Theology of the Face: How Endless Mask-Wearing Hides the Image of God and Hinders the Church

CNN’s Don Lemon announced that unvaccinated shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere including the grocery store. (More) Many echo this sentiment. So those of us who refuse to alter our bodies (the Temple of the Lord) or refuse to cover our Glory of God in our faces should starve? The Bible tells of a kingdom that strips you of your right to buy, sell or trade if you refuse to bow and accept their commands and deity. If your waiting for a literal mark, that’s in the works, patents and permissions have already been given. Over the last year and a half God has unveiled the kings of the beast kingdom and they have been granted by satan the power to control every custom and law made. Shutting down churches at their whim, shutting down free speech and the flow of information unless it come from them. Their goal is to wear down our faith and defense. Cowering in fear of them.

The oligarch’s (10 kings) are beginning their new demands. Walmart, Home Depot and others are instituting new mask mandates and many businesses are already saying that you can’t enter their establishment if you don’t have a mask and a vaccine passport, like “Shake Shack.” Many are following. The NIH director just said that Businesses should require vaccine proof from Customers.

My Part time job at Home Depot just told employee’s that starting tomorrow mask mandates would go into effect, and I expect vaccination mandates to follow as the co-founder of Home Depot announced last week that all his business would have the vaccine. He thinks he’s a God. Speaking of that did you know that a few years ago Macron of France said he would rule like a “Roman God”?

Macron once said he wanted to be a “Jupiterian” leader, unchallenged and detached from trivialities, like the Roman god of the skies.

Los Angeles Times

If you don’t see the unholy alliances being formed before our eyes than I have to ask the same question that Paul asked the Galatians, “Who has bewitched you?”

Don’t cover your face, we were made in the image of God, don’t cover His image or His light. Would you hide your light under a bush? Christ said that. (Mathew 5:1) If there ever was a time for Christians to stand up together it’s now. If your contemplating the jab I have to advise against it, but take it up in prayer, God will guide you. It’s between you and God.

Western Nations are pushing us into a world order of actually ancient times it’s the government of Satan. While we are distracted at least 2,000 Christians have been executed in Nigeria. And war is at the gate. Rumors of war are about to come into fruition. Wake up, stand up and let your voices be heard or we will be silenced. And God will not hold us blameless. Lockdowns are coming again soon it’s time to say enough!

Here is the letter I plan to give to Home Depot if they push the mandates. “I have decided to follow Christ and there is no turning back.”

Please stand with Christ and Christians here because the world is counting on us. Here is my letter for my employer:

I am notifying you of my Religious beliefs.  I expect full understanding of my right to these beliefs, but sadly watch as these rights are trampled. I can not comply with a mask mandate, or vaccination.  I am a Bible believing Christian, and God’s word is inerrant.  The Bible say’s that we were made in the image of God and I will not cover my face.  I will not take a vaccine into my body that alters my immune system, or my God given genetic code.  I am not an antivaxer, I have taken them in the past.  I stopped taking flu shots about 20 years ago as they made me very ill.  I am against this vaccine for many reasons, including the fetal tissue or replicated fetal tissue that was used to manufacture this.  It alters your immune system by neutralizing antibodies to produce antigens that trigger an immune response.  It not only makes your immune system incable of fighting off infections it manufactures variants that are easily spread, it’s responsible for symptoms like myocarditis, blood clots and strokes, along with neurological effects like paralysis.  It matters not to me how many are affected by these, it only matters that it’s very real and present risk.   As for the masks, they are responsible for a plethera of bacteria that is allowed to grow.  I believe the new fungus that is spreading is caused by the mask.  There are hundreds of reports from medical experts that clarify and state that.  The CDC itself has admitted in the past they don’t work.  Dr. Fauci has flipflopped so much you can’t keep track.  Too much information has been revealed about the adverse effects of masks and vaccines. I view all of this as biblical and refuse to bow to anything but God.  So again, I can not in good concience wear a mask or get a vaccine.

God will hold us in His righteous right hand. As I prayed before I wrote the above letter, I cried out to God for guidance, I heard 4 words in return in my mind. “Do you trust me?” Always in the past when I heard these words it was tumultuous times in my life, like before my husband had his heartattack, and I know what’s coming because the storm is here. Get in the word, and I’m praying for all. God protect you.


Two bombshell interviews: John Moore reveals military knowledge of civilization-ending global event, while attorney Thomas Renz warns of coming tidal wave of vaccine mandate lawsuits

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