They’re Back-And There’s A Whole New Gameplan- And Even Alt Media Is Asleep At The Wheel

They’re back and they aim to lockdown the world and destroy more lives. Pushing a new variant and laying blame on millions who refused an experimental vaccine. After all never let a good crises go to waste.

Those who hear and reach out for truth and search out alternative media know what liars the media was and the damage they did for an entire year. Instead of helping and even giving medical experts, (and by that I mean real life experts not the mad scientists disguised as medical professionals), air time to give people encouragement and medical advice to help with the worst medical disaster in modern times. They lied and aided and abetted the criminal suppression of medical treatment that could have saved lives. It’s called medical tyranny.
Well they’re back at it again only with a new game plan.
There has been at least half of Americans taking the covid vaccine. Multitudes of medical experts have come out with valid information and evidence that these are detrimental to our immune system, and our cardiovascular systems. Yet there is a brand new game plan as a new variant, which many says is caused and spread by the vaccinated. But the liar media and cabalist in government are turning it to report its the unvaccinated. Like we’re not divided enough.

I know that hospitals in southwestern Missouri are indeed overwhelmed, partly due to a nursing shortage as nurses quit. And I don’t blame them. Many are being forced to participate in an experimental gene altering treatment and they’ve had enough. Emergency response teams are overwhelmed. And confused. I know that many in hospitals are vaccinated. But they lie and say it’s unvaccinated.  There is also a respiratory virus (RSV)unrelated to covid going around but the lying media and government officials again can only stir hatred and divide and add to the already stressed populace.
I for one have had enough. I’m extremely concerned about the reports coming out of Southwestern Missouri.
Alternative media has not even tried to scratch the surface of this latest planned(in my opinion) cover up of what they label as a variant, and blame the unvaccinated.
I have listened to many including Alex Jones and while he is on vacation I am appalled by his replacement refusing to acknowledge a crises spiraling out of control instead calling it a lie that hospitals are overwhelmed. No one is shining a light on this travesty. Not Fox not Newsmax noone.
My last post went into detail please read that if this loses you.
Something is very wrong and God will not let me rest until this is exposed. This war that has been declared on unvaccinated is very serious and they’re building a case to persecute millions of people who refuse to bow the knee to the God of the world for help.
On Moderna’s own website they describe this experimental treatment (vaccine) in this manner:

“Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.”

For more on the above read here.

That doesn’t even cover the aborted or replicated fetal tissue used. You even have some Catholic Bishops saying this is OK. Then there’s the 200 or so pastors who say Jesus would take a vaccine and so must you if you love your neighbor. Doctrines of demons.
Until this is exposed for what it is unite and pray for God’s intervention before all of humanity falls to this darkness. Pray for those under the spell of the cabal. Pray for those suffering especially the first responders who are in a whirlwind of uncertainty. Just because it isn’t in your neighborhood doesn’t mean it’s not coming. I don’t know what they are doing to Missouri and Arkansas but Pray for God to intervene now before they solidify plans to persecute those following their conscience.
Fox news is just as bad as the MSM liars pushing for people to bow to the beast.
This new game plan is only beginning buckle up its going to get worse.
At least the Mayor of Branson exhibits a little understanding on how the new game plan has divided Americans especially Christians at a time when we need to stand together. According to Branson Tri-Lakes news he wrote a letter to citizens that included this:

“As a reminder, the CDC still highlights our county as “Red/High Transmission” for the COVID-19 virus meaning that we are at or over 100 new cases per 100,000 persons in the past 7 days. I continue to encourage you to maintain your vigilance and protect yourself from COVID in a way suitable for you.”

Pray for them. And for goodness sake, pray for truth to prevail. Keep your eyes open and seek God. Christ is the only one that can drive these demons out.

A tweet from KY3 in Springfield Missouri


“We live in a fraud of unprecedented dimensions “

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