Things We Should Be Paying Attention To

The ills of Socialism/Marxism are rearing their ugly heads across our globe. And the socialists/Marxists in our government are silent or out and out lying about the Cubans push for freedom. Cuba should be front and center to wake up the “woke” about what the demoncrats are doing to our country. The left demons said the same thing about the protests of 1/6, it wasn’t about our freedoms or a fair and free election it was anti-government.

“Protests erupted yesterday in all of Cuba’s major cities against the nation’s ruling Communist dictatorship following over six decades of oppression. Protesters chanted “freedom,” “enough” and “unite,” and demanded the dissolution of their nation’s communist dictatorship.” (More)

“The New York Times described chants of “freedom!” at thousands-strong peaceful protests in Cuba on Sunday as one of several “anti-government slogans” popular among the congregated. The Times also erroneously reported the protests were about “food and medicine shortages.” (More)

The western propaganda media are out and out liars, and gaslighters. Cubans have been oppressed for at least 60 years. And this is where we are headed. They lied about Cuba being the promised land. They lied about socialism even mocking God. Using Jesus’ name to push socialism as Christian.

Cubans are waving American flags, and shouting “Freedom” and wanting to come here,yet the snakes on the left lamblast Americans for waving our flag. And evil demonic entities are burning and destroying our cities while protestors here wanting freedom are jailed without bail and enduring horrible treatment as political prisoners. And the death and destruction squads BLM and antifa are free to destroy without repercussion. They enter a store and steal in broad daylight and nothing is done.

I stand with Cuban protestors but who is going to stand for us? Who besides Russia will demand they release our political prisoners and demand justice for Ashli Babbit?

This is very significant, as Europe is also facing unrest. I’m hard pressed to find a nation where unrest and chaos isn’t. Even Canada. We have a full fledged war on our southern  border. All disguising the fact that Christians are targeted for extinction here in the West also. They have also declared war on God.
They have defiled the Alter of our Lord with whole churches blessing murder by abortion and sexual sins that I can’t even describe. Biden and company defile our Lord’s Alter every time they mock God by taking communion.
Temperatures in the North West are nearly as hot as Death Valley, many deaths have been caused by this. There is drought in the West threatening famine. We have images of Flies and cicadas covering everything, (More) We have earthquakes increasing, and volcanoes erupting. Many think we are on the precipice of war with Russia. (More) And if your not paying attention to the increasing Marxist language coming out of our Capitol you should.
Famine and shortages of water will only get worse.(More)

Ignore the signs and lateness of the hour at your risk. The silence of the Body of Christ is what got us where we are today.

Come quickly Lord Jesus.

“Behold He comes with Ten thousands of His Saints, to execute judgement upon them, and destroy the wicked, and reprove all the carnal for everything which the sinful and ungodly have done, and committed against Him.” Enoch, the book of Enoch chapter 2.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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