What “Build Back Better” Really Means

The motto of the globalist/Humanists “build back better” Sounds good but is it really? I and many others believe that they will crush and destroy everything under their feet. They have created crises after crises to burn down systems not in line with them. And they will emerge unscathed as a Phoenix rising out of ash. At the G7 Boris Jognson proclaimed with a smirk we will build back better greener and more gender friendly. They think they have defeated freedom loving, God fearing peoples of all race, creed and class.
Dave Hodges said “It’s hard to live in a defeated nation but your soul is not defeated!” Remember that, we are victorious in Christ.
Look back over the last 2 years and you will see our Nation is down for the count, bowing to worldly globalist and humanists.
China recently declared America as defeated and they are right.
It started with a biological weapon designed in part by globalist with fauci and his alphabet of National Disease experts. They destroyed businesses and livelihoods of all Americans making most dependent on them. They designed an antidote meant to prostate Americans. They run for the antidote because without it they won’t be able to travel, or attend functions or attend even family events. Sounds like a mark of a dangerous beast to me. They use fear to whip our populous into compliance. How many times does the Bible warn us against fear? Too many to count.

They have ruined our energy independence, attacked our economy and they intend to collapse it. Why else are they printing trillions of dollars without a thought of consequences?
With 1/6 they have effectively cut us off at the knee. Promoting fear of their wrath if we protest injustice. While allowing the real domestic terrorists to create death and destruction without fear of prosecution.
We have no media it’s all government run propaganda. Whistle blowers are coming forward every day to expose them. If your white, Christian, conservative or patriotic your a terrorist. If you don’t know this your part of the great deception unfolding in front of our eyes.

Fauci as a lifeguard?

Screenshot Populist Press

Fauci allowed China sharks into our shallow waters and they are devouring American sovereignty at alarming rates.
Unrest and execution style killings ran rampant over last weekend. Expect more of the same with rapid increase in the coming months. A young Puerto Rican couple was jerked from their car in Chicago last weekend and executed by a mob. Last I heard the wife was critical, the husband died immediately.
I saw on Twitter a woman asking for prayer because she had to travel through Chicago this week.
Chicago, Portland, Los Angelas, St. Louis, New York and many more cities are toxic and dangerous. Dangerous because of lawlessness put forth by demoncrat rule. And then recently Psaki blamed police for lawlessness. Police who have been defunded, demoralized, and dehumanized by these very leaders. It’s done by design, we need to understand this.
As far as the border crises, I agree with a handful of those warning, this is much more than wanting to pad demoncrat voters. It’s strategy of early demoncrats like cloward and piven a design they created to overwhelm our system of justice, health care and welfare. We need to understand this. It’s not out of the goodness of their heart. And there’s dark reasons why this demon possessed regime welcomes only children unaccompanied. Don’t roll your eyes the vice president of this darkness has repeated over and over “the border is closed but we welcome all children. That’s not humanitarian or Christ like it’s demonic. Look at the numbers of human trafficking involving children and women. It’s satanic.
The demons are enraged because some in  the Catholic church are awakening to their members who want to increase abortions and infanticide. And protestant sheperds are still promoting abortion and gender confusion and reassignment, by their silence or open admission.
I have written many times about Humanism it’s the mark of a man pretending to be God and its wide open today. If you disagree with their values of rising above God then your labeled a terrorist. And recently Gary Heavin said they lie and attack you if you disagree because you are attacking their religion. His statement couldn’t be more truthful. It’s a religion, a man’s religion one we were warned about in Revelation. It’s more palatable than pure Satan worship because it feels good and disguises itself as light not darkness.  We need to understand this and what has enabled the takeover of our country. These people are pure evil. They are intent on death and destruction. They have declared war on America and those who stick to our Judeo Christian ethos.
A transgender Olympian said they want to burn the American flag from the champion podium in the next Olympics. A singer Macy Gray has said the American flag is a sign of hatred and calls for a new flag. They have already replaced in many instances our flag with a rainbow flag. As evidenced by mandating our foreign embassies fly it.
So many believe that a man will rescue our government or the next election we will take back our Country. I don’t believe that. Look how easy they stole America’s vote last year. Only God can fix this mess and I have to say God is not pleased with our country and His judgements are true.(Revelation 16)
Iran just installed a President known as an executioner responsible for the hanging deaths of thousands of Iranians simply wanting freedom. He is a hardliner, known as a descendent of Mohammed and shares religious beliefs with the hardliners clerics.
China is threatening Taiwan, Russia continues advances on us. They know we are weak. They know our demon possessed leaders are bowing to globalist and paid for by China.
I wrote a few months ago that the Four Horsemen are converging and at this point it can not be denied. I encourage all to read Revelation again, this time do so without a man’s narrative of what it means. Use critical thinking and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It lays out clearly what we face from the beast of the world and God’s judgement coming on an unrepentant world. Satan knows his time is short and he knows God will protect His people. He also knows fear especially fear of death, does not work on followers of Christ. We are now enemies of the world state.
Armor up take a stand, stand together and prepare physically and spiritually. Most of all look up as our redemption draws near. Take refuge in our Lord and Saviour, He is our King and our refuge in times of trouble.
I pray courage, and God’s supernatural strength on all. Grow your roots in God deep, Satan can’t rip you from Christ. Get your spiritual house in order. Grow your faith as if it were weeds overtaking everything, shine the light of Christ, you were chosen for this very time. Stand tall and bold for Christ.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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