Political And Social Repression In America?

Sound familiar?: “Techniques of social repression include information control, the elimination of grassroots reform movements, manipulation of local leaders, and so on.”

“Repression the use of force or violence to control a group 

of people.”

I’ve written many times about political prisoners held simply because of their religious or political beliefs. Many held in Iran and Pakistan. But I never thought I’d write about political prisoners held in America and Canada because of political or religious beliefs. It’s here in the here and now.
Canada is arresting Christians and Americans are being held in cells without due process in solitary confinement and torturous conditions. Even the Russian Foriegn Minister Lavrov has spoken out against what the democrats have done with political prisoners from January 6th protests. (More)
I have written many times about the woman killed in Iran during a protest and now I have to write about a woman killed by our own police on January 6th. No one is demanding justice for her. No one is demanding they release political prisoners. They are as evil as Iran and those who torture, kill and imprison political prisoners.
America has fallen. Believe it or not but America is done. The old man occupying the White House even said that China will own America by 2035.
They already believe they own America. Just as Iran already has a nuclear weapon.
The democratic arm of the Republicans have failed Americans. They aided and abetted an enemy to take us down. Like it or not we are separated and in reality as I said before there is socialist facist America and there is America the land of the free. Lines are being drawn as States begin to challenge the new facist government and pass laws to counter the tyranny.
Conservatives were ushered into the Capitol by police evidenced by video. There is one video of a Trump supporter begging the police to call for backup! (More) Does that sound like an insurrection. The only insurrection is in the minds of Pelosi and demoncrats. BLM and antifa agitators were brought in to set up conservatives again evidenced by busses being unloaded in front of the Capitol yet they walk free.
The BLM founder, sounds like Iran, calling for the destruction of Israel! They don’t care about Black families or black lives. The founder of the BLM chapter in Minneapolis resigned because he found they truly don’t care about black families or black lives. Read his incredible statement.
These groups are nothing but paid foot soldiers for the facist demoncrat party.
Diamond and Silk said recently “the Republican party has failed us” and I agree. There is now a Democrat arm of the republican party. We have little to none representation. Taxation without representation.

They are still running with the false narrative of officer sicknick being killed on January 6th. It’s a lie even propaganda news admits.
As a Christian conservative I demand the release of political prisoners held for the false narrative of January 6th. Let our people go! We have rights!

From Front Line Defenders:

Political rights include natural justice (procedural fairness) in law, such as the rights of the accused, including the right to a fair trial; due process; the right to seek redress or a legal remedy; and rights of participation in civil society and politics such as freedom of association, the right to assemble…”

These are prophetic days. Are you ready? Will you cower or speak out? Remember first they came. The only ones who cowered in fear in the Revelation of Christ are those who hide in caves begging the rocks to fall and hide them from the wrath of Christ. Stand up, stand firm, be bold and courageous.

Credit to Cambridge dictionary

APA Dictionary of Psychology

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  1. I pray for justice and their release daily. We hear nothing about what their fate is and I am wondering who is coming to their rescue.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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