Apples To Oranges?

We’ve all used the cliche “that’s like comparing apples to oranges.” But have you seen that the “woke cult” is no longer comparing they are now changing an Apple to an orange?

The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness…. Romans 1:18
This morning the headlines that gave me a sick feeling were about God’s, Christ’s church.
I have never adjucated violence or hatred toward homosexuality behavior or transgenderism. But what is being done to Christ’s church is an abomination. Sweden has announced the church of Sweden is itself transgender. It converted to Lutheran from Catholic during the reformation. They now appear to welcome this new doctrine of transgenderism and condemn those who speak against it as haters. Apparently they and others are transitioning our doctrine and in so doing are completely transforming Christianity into new age doctrines of demons. Sweden neighbors, Finland has taken it to a new level prosecuting a member of government there for posting a picture of a Bible open to Roman’s 1:24-27. She is facing 6 years in prison.

This chapter in Roman’s is one of the pillars of Christianity and we who refuse to change the doctrine to include sin are being persecuted. The west is under attack. Christianity is under attack. Christians are hated worldwide for not conforming to the new beast kingdom that has a one world view.

Things are changing so rapidly its hard to fathom and difficult to watch. I watched a video of a United Methodist minister in Illinois, who does sermons in drag. During one such sermon the person in drag spoke of the symbol of our Faith, the death and resurrection of Christ, they focused on making the death of Christ on the cross saying it was a symbol of a death trap, and lonliness. Completely ignoring the ressurection. Then went on to mourn about the loneliness this precious symbol gave to them. You can’t make this up. They then stated that their hope and joy moved past this symbol by the realization of this: “It transposed the story of Christ into a queer experience, it forces the reader to wonder whether the story of Christ can be seen through a queer lens.” They said there is a secret mystery that makes people tremble and  people will tremble sensing the mystery of queer holiness.”
At that point I felt an overwhelming punch to my stomach. And had to say no wonder God has turned His face from us.

According to the same article from Redstate, another Methodist church in North Carolina had its first “Drag me to church” event. And it didn’t mean drag as if in towing you to church.
The Evangelical Lutheran church here in America just appointed its first transgender minister.

If you speak truth from the Bible you will be committing  a hate crime. This is more evidence of the signs of the time. I hear Christ saying: You fools! You know how to interpret the weather signs of the earth and sky, but you don’t know how to interpret the present times. Luke 12:56
I mean this from my heart I love these misguided souls and I grieve for them, but our “love the sinner hate the sin” doctrine has failed in the Gospel. It’s caused Christians to be complicit in Satan’s takeover and infiltration of the church. Christ said the gates of hell will not prevail against my church. Yet many Christians have literally opened the gates of hell to do just that. They paved the way for Satan. The angels are traveling the world to see who bears the mark of Christ before God’s wrath is unleashed, what will they find? They will separate the wheat from the tares and pave the way for Christ’s judgement on His church. Many will hear away from me you workers of iniquity. I’m not without sin but I beg God for mercy every day.
Our world is divided and so are Christians. At a time when unity is desperately needed. Remember Judgement begins with the house of God. At this point I hear God’s words “come out of her my people.” Mystery Babylon is being laid bare for all to see.

God’s word cannot be transformed, it can not be changed. This metamorphosis from the “woke” can not prevail over God’s word. Christ is the same today as He was Yesterday, do not follow this woke cult.
The time has come to make a choice. Choose wisely.


The Lutheran Diocese Announces The Church Itself Is Transgender

Christian Leaders Face 6 years in prison for quoting the Bible on homosexuality

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