If You Could Speak To The Group BLM Without Fear What Would You Say?

This is what I would say, someone has to start the conversation.

God help this be received with courage and conviction. I speak not with hate but with love for God and our Country. Of course they will say this is hate the haters love to say anything different from their view is hatred of them.

There is not one American, true American that believes in Freedom for all that doesn’t think black lives matter. But you’ve taken it a road too far. Those of us that grew up watching the riots of the 60’s and listening to Dr. Martin Luther King, think that you have taken his great dream and stomped it into the mud.  You have tarnished the sacrifice of thousands of people who risked and gave their lives to end segregations and mistreatment of black Americans.
You do understand that you are now useful idiots don’t you? There are those funding you that want Civil War, that want segregation, that want chaos and destruction. Antifa is stoking the flames. They have successfully turned public opinion of you to hatred not empathy. The only racism is from the left. They are using you and the white refuse that think they’re helping. You only breed hate and contempt. Contempt for you and what you think your standing for. Infringing upon the rights of others with palpable hatred is not going to do anything but segregate and divide. Maybe that’s what you want. Maybe you want people to hate you I don’t know, we can only come to that conclusion evidenced by your outrageous, rediculous, behavior.
No one feels empathy for you, watching you brings only contempt.
If this is what you want, so be it. But the tide will turn when your usefulness is over, so clean yourselves up, and serve your community instead of disrupting it. But that’s part of the whole cesspool of hatred. Your not part of a productive society you are the dredge’s of society. This is what you are portraying to America and the world actually. Do you really want history to remember you as the bottom of the pile instead of groundbreaking? If you only knew how America and the world perceived you.  Police are not siding with your twisted hate, white, black, red or brown they do not side with you. They’re hands are tied. By those elites who want chaos and destruction, not peace and unity. You have no power over anyone, it’s delusional to think you do, caused by the gaslighting elite and propaganda media. They’re using you! Anger is a dangerous thing.
Enough already. If you believed black lives matter you would be bringing us together not segregating like your actions prove now.
Ephesians 4:31
Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.

When your ready to lay down your hatred, America will join you and celebrate our love for each other and show the world what made America so great. Until then the bottom will crumble under your feet and hatred will consume you and leave a stain on America and the world instead of bringing light. Is that what you want your legacy to be? Shout down the race batters, and unite under one banner. Stop listening to the lawless, godless democrats calling for violence.  Do it now. Go back in history and honor a dream that spoke of judging a man by his character instead of the color of his skin.

Our Father In Heaven. We ask that you send this demonic spirit of hatred scattering back to the depths of hell where it came from. Help us to know that we are one body, many parts, help us have the courage to shout down this hatred and expose it wherever it lays. Father restore us to unity. We ask this in Jesus Name.

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