Does A Pandemic Give The Right To Persecute Christians?

“Never let a good crises go to waste.”

Canada just declared war on Christians, all because of a plandemic designed to force all to worship a beast.
Canadian Pastor Artur Powlawski arrested Saturday for holding a worship service outside. He called in to Alex Jones show and told his story. After his service police followed him and a swat team surrounded him on the highway and arrested him like a terrorist or murderer.
This Pastor knows what communism is he moved from Poland. Alex asked him to pray and he immediately prayed, he asked God to
Help us to fly like eagles and walk like a lion, like the lion of the tribe of Judah. He asked this in Jesus Name. He said Pray for me for strength. He also said  it’s an exciting time to live because  it’s all (Prophecy) being fulfilled. He said he’s not going to stop preaching. He said the more they persecute him and Christians the stronger he gets.(More) This is very real and its happening right next door. Canada has decided to persecute Christians. This is very real. It’s time to choose who you are going to worship.
If your following the vaccine trail you will know that calls for vaccine passports are on the rise. There are those in media calling for those of us who refuse the vaccine to be shunned, shunned by family, friends, work, and stores, forcing all who refuse the ability to buy sell and trade. It’s happening.  You can’t watch a commercial without a push for vaccines.
Claus Schwabb in recent past interviews also said he wanted health passports and micro chips. Some states are adopting a bracelet with a QR code for proof of vaccination. We’re witnessing the beginning of the mark of the beast and his kingdom.
I know many are not going to like or believe this, but if your undecided about the vaccine don’t take it. Pray and research first.
Nurse after nurse and even doctors and scientists, and paramedics are speaking out about the horrors they’ve seen from this vaccine. I know family who are doing OK with minor side effects but I also see adverse reactions. Personally I know 2 different people with issues related to the jab. One is dealing with possible breast cancer, the other is sick and in so much pain they can hardly walk at times.  A person close to me said his friend’s daughter is a school teacher, and a coworker took the vaccine and is paralyzed.
Many Doctors are warning about it causing cancer and blood clots causing stroke and heart attacks. I’m only bringing you this because we have to tell the truth. Don’t panic if you’ve had the jab but consider carefully before taking another. Pray, it’s between you and God.
Packaging inserts with the J & J vaccine are suppose to list ingredients and dangers are totally blank. Medical professionals are warning that our health care system is collapsing.  This so called vaccine is experimental and even Russia is calling it out.
I listened to a scientist yesterday who has impeccable credentials, in fact he has worked for Bill Gates before and he has developed many treatments and vaccines. He risked his career to warn that these vaccines are dangerous and disasterous. He explained that it’s like installing new software in your computer it never goes away. MrNA vaccines changes your DNA and immune system to fight coronovirus while leaving all other diseases defenseless. Your immune system is compromised. He is so resolute it left me reeling. Why are those like Frontline Doctors and others being deplatformed and threatened? Open your mind for a minute. Those like Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, Glen Beck and many more were labeled conspiracy theorists 15 years ago when they warned of the very things we are seeing today. A video surfaced of fauci declaring the Trump administration would experience a biological attack. They Planned this. Again they used this biologic attack to launch a world order that pales in comparison to Revelation. One that installs new leaders and new ways to persecute Christians who trust God more than government, to lock everyone in their homes, and destroy lives. What’s the first thing they labeled as non-essential? Churches! That should tell you everything you need to know. I have spent hours watching videos and reading articles, but don’t take my word for it research it yourself. But know this they are burying truth faster than the speed of light. Communist media is shaming and attacking all truth calling it disinformation. This calls for ears that hear and discernment.
Mathew 11:15
Whoever has ears, let them hear.
If I’ve learned one thing over the past year it’s you can’t trust the media and right now their calling for family to shun and shame family who won’t fall in line. This is still an experimental drug.
The trials in Nuremborg brought new laws that make it illegal to force experimental treatments or medication on any human.
Everyday there are new headlines of deaths related to the vaccine that cause blood cots, strokes and heart attacks. Reports of cancer surfacing weeks after. The media won’t show you these, And Time will tell. Truth will be revealed.
This is not hyperbole or conspiracy the very times we were warned about is here. It’s not coming it’s here. May God give us all strength. May God lift up Pastor Pawlawski and give him supernatural strength and courage. May God shake and wake up his church in America. May God give us knowledge and wisdom and the courage to stand.
As Christians we have to stand tall and bold and stand together.
Joshua 24:15
15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

We’re living in a time where conspiracy theories are facts and reality. A carefully planned response to a carefully planned pandemic gives reason to persecute Christians. And kicks off the global reset. While facist groups continue to dominate, destroy and attack our cities, go unchecked, Christians, conservatives and Patriots are jailed for defending their rights.

Please if you comment remember to be respectful there’s so much vile, hatred against those who aren’t fearful and refuse vaccines it would shock you. And the censorship is off the rail.

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