Are You Awake Yet? The Storm Is Here

Lengthy but bare with me, there’s alot to digest.
There are those of us who are watching and awake, not woke, and know what time it is and what is transpiring.  And there are those who wouldn’t know it if a nuclear bomb landed in their front yard. That’s not hyperbole. I have both in my family. 
Steve Quayle says “What’s coming is no longer coming, it’s here.” I agree and have been trying to wake up as many as I can. Prophecy is being revealed as fast as a bullet train.
I said a few months ago the for horsemen of the apocalypse were converging. And it’s happening.
Did you know: “Apocalypse” comes from Greek, the original language of the Book of Revelation. It means “uncover, disclose, reveal.” In late 14th century Church Latin, it became “revelation.” In Middle English, its general sense was “insight” or “vision.” Its usage as “a cataclysmic event” is modern.”(
Here is another definition by Miriam webster: “something viewed as a prophetic revelation.”
Never in my lifetime have I seen more revealed than today.  So much evil and lawlessness has been revealed these last months, it’s mind boggling.
If you want to look for the frontrunner to the antichrist look at the top 3 most powerful men in the world. These names came up again and again, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Obama.  Xi of China should not be discounted remember Revelation tells us an army comes from the East.
The above 3 men are melded together like the iron and clay in the statue of Daniel.
The Middle East is well on its way to destabilization. Biden ignores Israel and sends millions again to the Palestinians. He removed the terrorist designation from the Iran backed Houti rebels in Yemen. You might not know this because it didn’t get much coverage but there was an attempted coup in Jordan. King Abdullah has announced its over and he still stands as King. If he were to be removed the Middle East would fall and it would be disastrous for Israel and Christians.
So you see the seals are open and pages of prophecy are revealed. Time to pay attention.
Lawlessness abounds even in America.  George Soros is a man that creates lawlessness and chaos. So does Obama. Gates is more concentrated on depopulation, but he’s a large part of the plague and chaos.
Half the world complied with the beast kingdom and the other half is persecuted for not complying. Today images and a report show mentally handicapped people held down with them screaming as they give them a vaccine. This is a crime. They have rights. (More)
I want to spend some time on George Floyd.  Mob rule has taken over our executive, legislative and Judicial branches of government. But my last post expanded on Pelosi’s declaration of the Humanist religion when she proclaimed George floyd a saviour who sacrificed his life. But did you know that last year Street preachers came from all over to Baptize people at the site where he died. Miracles were proclaimed there also. Well today it’s an autonomous zone, no go for cops and there’s even rules for whites visiting there. It’s called “SACRED” ground. You can’t make this stuff up. (More)

Businesses, black owned businesses are suffering but they don’t care. It’s demonic.

Screenshot from Twitter

Speaking of demonic the first human monkey embryos are created. I shouldn’t even have to explain the evil of that. (More)
Biden is considering mandating religious hospitals to perform gender reassignment surgeries violating their conscience. (More)

And Bruce Jenner is running for governor of California as Kaitlyn Jenner.
We are living in the times we were warned of. China, Russia and Iran are threatening war and that’s the least of our worries. I can’t believe I’d ever say war was the least of our worries. God’s judgement is underway buckle up your armor of God and stand firm and bold, in Christ. He will shield us. Only God can calm this storm. Seek refuge NOW in His arms.

Remember Christ is the only way to the Father. Acknowledge that or He will not acknowledge you instead He will spit you out of His mouth.

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