Mike Lindell Makes a Big Splash For Our Freedoms

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Every one should know Mike Lindell by now. He’s a warrior for Christ, truth and freedom of speech. He has such an awesome testimony how God saved him from rock bottom.
Today he announced he filed a law suit, 1.6 Billion dollars against Dominion, and freedom of speech. Its not a countersuit, but a new suit they sued him and his company and are attempting to destroy him with woke corporations banning his products.

Mike has been attacked unmercilessly by the left and the
Facist oligarchy that has overtaken our Constitutional Republic.

Today he was launching his new social media platform Frank speech. It allows patriots, Christians and conservatives a platform to speak without fear of censorship or attacks. He says there’s only four words you won’t be able to use- the N word, the C word, the F word or take God’s name in vain. I applaud him. We were suppose to be able to access the site today to create our profiles, but from the app created on my home page it said 404 not found, so I put Frank in Google and clicked on the Frank log in and found Mike and Brannon Howse livestreaming.
They have attacked Mike as he says like never before in History apparently they had a hand in his site not launching. They have attacked not only Mike but his business and his center for recovery for addicts. These people are evil!
Mike says they will be on live streaming for 48 hours. They have many speakers planned. Allen Dershowitz was on earlier, Ted Nugent is on now. Scott Baio called in to give his support. A reporter named Alexis from the Wall Street Journal called him and didn’t want to be live. But Mike raved about her and how she was a great journalist. A few minutes later he got another call from a man who identified himself as being from the Wall Street Journal and wanted to be live. What he said is. Dispicable. He said I have bad news, I want you to share it everywhere, Alexis just died from a drug overdose. Mike immediately called him out as fake and hung up. Mike said that was only one attack out of thousands. I was appalled and speechless that people could be so cruel.
He has received death threats, and censorship. He tells about what Facebook did to him when he released Absolute Truth,they did the same thing to me because I shared it. They put a banner up that said we shared pornography and nudity. Thats when I left Facebook.

I’m on Gab, and will be on Frank as soon as its up.
General Flynn is on with Mike right now. I agree with him we are in a spiritual war. The left and democrats with their oligarchy have declared war on Christians and conservatives and the values our country was founded on. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to write here but I’ll keep speaking out as long as I can and then I’ll find another way. We can not bow to this evil.
Mike will have Diamond and Silk, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Tenpenny and more on today with him. Right now he has 15 million watching. God is going before him,
These attacks are very serious. Several months ago WordPress notified me that Pakistan authorities complained about me and demanded my post about Muhammed vs Christ be taken down. They said they wouldn’t remove it but I would be banned from Pakistan. Then a few months after that you tube complained that I violated their rules. I deleted my you tube account, I deleted my Amazon account. I went to Rumble and some time soon I’ll start recording again.
We have to support each other. We have to unite and keep our voices loud and bold!
Mike ends his book “What are the odds” with this scripture proverbs 3:5-6 Trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall Direct Your Path.”
Go to FrankSpeech.com
God Bless Mike and those fighting to save our Constitution and God given rights! God Bless America and God help Americans.

This is the banner Facebook put on my post and Mike’s Post and many others

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