From Our Southern Border To Our Northern Border- Chaos

Order does not come out of Chaos, Lawlessness does and it has emerged just as the prophets warned.

Our southern border has erupted into a cesspool of evil, with human smuggling and child trafficking at the top.
Terrorists, drug cartels and human smugglers are allowed to cross into America at alarming rates. Despite what the white house’s chosen liar (psaki) says terrorists are filing into America. Two terrorists from Yemen most recently were apprehended at our border. Then the CBP shut down information. The biden regime can’t have the American people knowing truth. They have apprehended massive amounts of drugs and the scary part is what has come across unnoticed.
I’m sure by now everyone has seen the video of the 9 year old boy with tears streaming down his cheeks begging for help from the border agents. He said he was abandoned by a group that brought him. The biden/Harris regime is responsible for every tear from this child.

Psalm 56:8
You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book?
Matthew 18:6
But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
Of course demoncrats, with rinos clinging to them, led by the biden/harris/obama regime are godless people.
They are humanists who follow their father the devil.
Facism blended with marxism and communism has taken control of our Capitol and threatens the very life and freedoms that we once had.
And just as in past years when the church remained silent while genocide was declared in the middle east against Christians and yazidis, the silence is deafening and their complicit acts are criminal and morally against what God commands.
The church has become a weapon to beat true Christians into submission of the government God.
So much information has come forward it’s difficult to put it all down,implicating fauci and even Bill Gates in participating and funding the development of the China plague. Then using fear to control Americans from lockdowns to a mask.
Yes it was a planned pandemic. That’s my opinion along with scientists and many others, to fundamentally Change America and catapult us straight into the great reset.
Everything this current installed regime is doing is to break America into pieces and “build back better.”
Chinese communists have the uighars as their antagonist and the West has Christians. And while they aren’t killing Christians yet it’s coming.
Churches have been shut down here and in Canada but our northern neighbors are in almost as much chaos as our southern borders.
I told about the Pastor in Calgary that shouted the police out of his church on Easter. He grew up in Poland and knows first hand about nazis and communists and said that is what we are facing. (More)

Yet no church here is speaking out. After all that’s Canada they won’t come for me. If you believe that your ignorant. 1Peter 2:15 For Such is the will of God that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men.
But they cower in the corner thinking if they’re quiet the left will leave them alone. And what’s worse then that are those who cave to the government God.
Now Canada has shut down a church complete with erecting a fence and occupying the church to keep worshippers out. (More)
So Christian Persecution arrives in the west.  Get ready.
It breaks my heart to say that Franklin Graham has caved to the government God, yet it seems he has. He said Jesus would have taken the vaccine. “I would have to say—yes, I think Jesus Christ would advocate for people using vaccines and medicines to treat suffering and save lives,” (Read here and here)
I have repeatedly said it’s between you and God to take the vaccine. And that’s the answer I still get. For me the answer was clear. And I have prayed and asked God directly if this is what Revelation warns of, about the beast system. My answer was yes its the beginning of submission. I understand the occupants of the white house are backing down from mandatory vaccine passports that would prevent you from travel, buying or selling in person. But will they??

One last thing that is so disturbing it sent chills down my spine.
In addition to gender changes that directly attacks God they now have said that aging can be stopped.  In their lust for eternal life they turn from God to face the false promise from Satan. They are investing millions to inject young blood into older bodies and that will stop aging creating their eutopia. Newsweek has reported on this also.
“Aging is an invention of mankind. No animal species has successfully cheated its own body—cheated nature—except mankind. Elephants may live for 100 years but they lived for 100 years a million years ago. Humans have outsmarted their own body,”  (more)

This is very serious as it relates to God’s design. God clearly says He formed us in our Mothers womb.
The Chinese communist party now rivals Hitler in inhumane evil practices and they now have squatters rights in America thanks to Joe biden.
It’s been said that china’s communists are performing heinous experiments on the uighars just as Hitler did on Jews. (More) It’s been said they are performing live organ harvesting. (More) I don’t think the full scale of evil and demonic activities in our world is understood. Its as if the days of Noah are being played out in real time. We were warned.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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