It’s Back-Fearmongering-Doom And Gloom

Yesterday the doom and gloom and fear mongers ratcheted up again. It was down right creepy. The female head of CDC looked like she was in the movie “Outbreak”. She said she is scared. We all should be scared.  Biden in his creepiest voice whispered we’re all in danger and we have to do our patriotic duty. Mask mandates forever. All while hundreds of thousands are crushing our border and ushered into our country, not only with the China plague but there are reports that say TB is among the many diseases they are bringing.
I can’t find if it’s fema for sure but reports from the border say they are building like crazy to house illegals. This is all I found they are burying this but eye witnesses are reporting massive building.

Screenshot from CBS News

Is the UN there? I haven’t seen proof positive but I’m sure they are, just as they were when they created the migrant crises in Europe. They won’t be happy until they’ve overwhelmed our system. And remember they are open borders and America last. And God is not welcome.

Now with the scare mongering resuming here, you can’t help but not think about the elites like Bill Gates worried about population and pushing alternative meat for us. Look at this screenshot from Yahoo Finance. It’s from last year but has the most information in it.

The title is “Get Ready to eat bugs if you want to live beyond 2050”
From the same article

So scientists around the globe are researching meat alternatives. (More)

Remember the celebrity meats? Well they do similar with chicken and cows.
And then there’s the recent weird sci-fi stuff from Gates like pushing the alternative meats. (More) And then there’s this-
When you had children, was the foremost reason you wanted Children so they could take care of you when you were old?  Well according to Bill Gates that’s why we have children.  And he says if we are healthy we won’t want many children. But if we live in disease we want more children so we can assure that we have them to care for us.
I don’t even know what to say about that.  This man is so out of touch with ordinary people it’s scary. Is he an alien? He sure has foreign beliefs. He used this argument for population control stating if people are healthy they won’t want children.  You can’t make this up.

I don’t know their step by step plan. But I do know that for the first time they have the facist/ communist Eutopia in their grasp.
They think they’re God’s and are in reality building their tower of babble to be above God. They think they can create anything including a woman. But their creation is dark and sinister. Even creating and modifying the animals God gave us. And they can keep their vaccine altering DNA. If you want it, that’s fine that’s between you and God. But it should not be forced upon anyone. Biden is considering a vaccine passport or a QR code that will tell whether or not your compliant. New York already has this. This will be disastrous as so many who refuse will be denied entry to many places or denied work. No one should be forced or even encouraged to take this vaccine. Religious leaders should tell you to pray about it, and then decide.

God be with us all.
These are evil times with evil people. Prepare for anything.

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