Lil Nas X Honors Satan During Our Most Holy Day’s

Tolerance of sin has lulled Christians into a false sense of security. Our silence has allowed God to be mocked and pushed aside and allowed Satan to overtake our Country.

I am not advocating violence, I’m advocating for Christians to come together and prepare for the times we are in. Pray for this young man.

We are under God’s judgement and tribulation only described in Revelation. I pray God forgives us.

I have been grieved in my spirit for 3 days.  That’s the only way I can describe it. Such a heaviness of sadness. Then God said write. I said no I can’t but He wouldn’t let me rest. I said in one of my last posts that we have entered and are living in prophetic times.
The mark of the beast and yes Mystery Babylon. A few years ago I researched the 7 hills surrounding New York and was convinced until I read Joel Richardson’s work on this. And it made perfect sense. But I have to admit America is fitting more every day.

Yesterday I read about a rapper Lil Nas X who performed a satanic ritual of giving Satan a lap dance. It made Cardi B’s song look like a nursery rhyme. Then today I find out this demon is releasing 666 pairs of shoes he said in partnership with Nike, that has Christ’s words of seeing Satan fall like lightening. Luke 10:18 printed on them. And they will have a drop of human blood in every pair. You can’t make this up. Nike has said they are not in partnership with this, but why are they allowing their logo on these demonic shoes? (More)

Satan has made his presence known and in a big way.
This is all done at the time when we honor Christ as King and his death and ressurection. That is not an accident. It’s time to prepare for the spiritual war we are in.

Pastors like Pastor Mark Burns are raising their voices. We must unite with them in denouncing this act straight from the depths of hell. This is aimed at our youth. Do you want Satan to have your child in his clutches. It’s time for prayer warriors to unite. It’s time to ask God to bring this evil back on them 10 fold. It’s time for righteous anger.

One more thing we need to do. Nike is not only allowing their name used to honor Satan they partner with the CCP, that uses slave labor for materials. The CCP has been involved with enslaving and committing genocide with Uyghar muslums. Stop purchasing these products. (More)

2 Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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