The Beginning Of A New Age

Living in the age of reality turned conspiracy theory and prophecy. 
This is the age we live in.  I’ve thought many times over the years about what the end times spoken of by the prophets and most especially Revelation, but it’s so different when your living it.  I imagine the apostles thought the same. Watching it play out in Living color though it’s mind boggling.
The biological attack on the world whether on purpose or accident by the Communist Party Of China is really the beginning. Even a former CDC official says it came from Wuhan China. They’re trying to cover that up by whipping up hatred for Asians and that is not the case. It’s the CCP that caused this not the people. 
The democrats, the elites(like Bill Gates), George Soros  and the CCP used this humanitarian disaster to take control of America and the world. Ruining lives and economies. Now there are about 23 Ecolab patients in Washington State quarantined. They traveled to Africa but officials say nothing to see move along.

That statement from their website says it all and explains why democrats refuse to condemn BLM and antifa’s reign of death and destruction.  26 have died over their riots and billions of dollars in damage.  It’s no wonder that they are praised while 74 million America First Americans are demonized, tracked and attacked. It’s no different than what the military is doing in Myanmar. Our FBI, DOJ, DOD, Pentagon  and SCOTUS are all compromised and held from interference with the fundamental change of America. 

While they have neutered our police departments lawlessness reigns. 3 different shootings today, Virginia, Tennessee, &Philadelphia and that doesn’t count the everyday violence in Chicago.
Two teenage girls in DC killed a man during a carjacking. And it goes on and on. And will get worse.
Using racism is what soros does. Now that they have all the elites and big tech with them they start on corporations. Someone said this resembles the hunger games and I have to say it does. They are ruthless. Sharon Osborne was attacked and hit over the head with racism by her fellow talk show hostesses so much so she quit. Now she has always leaned left but when she took up for Piers Morgan when he called for truth in the interview with Harry and Meghan, they attacked her with the racism bomb that destroys careers.  If people think they won’t come for them they are dead wrong. These same things happened in Germany under Hitler. The church was emasculated and forced to worship Hitler style. Those who spoke out were killed. Remember Pastor Neihmoller’s poem First they came, it’s as if it was written for today.

Biden announced that the DOJ is investigating the bill Governor Kemp signed for voting integrity. He said he will not allow states to make their own laws. Do you know what that means? State laws and sovereignty will be null and void.(More)

Their latest actions go far beyond the controlling lockdowns, mask mandates, and mass vaccinations. They are taking control of our Congress.  Even Biden said when asked if he would run for president again he laughed and mocked even saying he didn’t think there would be a republican party.  We don’t have 2 years let alone 4 years. Their plan is now to instill a one world order beginning with us, and It looks like China.  The complete decimation of and transformation of our military that Obama started is happening rapidly.
According to MRC: “A leftist “dark money” group tied to liberal billionaire globalist George Soros has led the push to have Senate Democrats eliminate the filibuster, according to a new report.” The report says he gave them over sixteen and a half million dollars. That hit me like a ton of bricks. Our Senate is compromised. Just who is running our country?
George Soros is very dark. He has ruined more elections throwing countries into complete and total chaos than you know..  I don’t know the full story of Myanmar but I do know that George Soros’s foundation is there and involved. (Read More) Anywhere you find chaos, confusion and destruction, his foundations are there. Of course they deny this but…His open borders society funds BLM here. Under the guise of projects like “Strike for Black Lives,” and support ” emerging truth commissions.” Where have we heard that before? Some democrats are calling for that to deprogram millions of Trump supporters. Christians are high on that list also.
From their own website (Open Society Foundations) : “…the power-surge of people who have taken to the streets to demand that this nation do better—people of all ages, from all backgrounds, and in every corner of this country—gives hope to us all.”
“The success of this movement, the largest in U.S. history, will be measured over years, not weeks, and we cannot say that Black lives matter and not make a multi-year commitment..”

New York has instituted our countries first vaccine passports. It will be a bar code you carry to allow entry into businesses. (more) That alone will seem to fulfill the prophecy “you won’t be able to buy sell or trade without the mark. Because next will be chips or barcodes embedded. Get ready it’s here.  Many the founder of Gab are advising the same, support Christian businesses and stay informed. Do your own research. And remember God is still on the throne. Pray for His will to be done. No matter what happens we win! Read the end of the book! Christ is coming.

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