Why Won’t The MSM Explore The Obvious?

So is anybody ever going to talk about the coup? Is it a coup, revolution or insurgency?
According to Merriam Websters insurgents use terror tactics.  It’s worth noting no weapons were recovered or acts of terror after the riot that demoncrats labeled an insurgency.
Where as a coup:  “There, the aim of the conspirators will usually be to seize swiftly the strategically crucial levers of government, paralyze the incumbents, and take over. Thus, coups d’état take place mainly in the capital and require the support of elite units of the armed forces.”(Merriam Webster)

Under the guise of protection from American citizens who voted for President Trump, and an invisible boogeyman in Q, the dems surrounded the Capitol with razor wire, fencing and thousand of troops.  Even investigating and removing troops for their political belief that was different from theirs.  It’s now been roughly 75 days since the democrats have occupied our Capitol complete with military backing. They saw the perfect avenue to solidify their takeover.

The last time troops were at the Capitol was in the Civil War!
(Roll Call) “During the Civil War, the Capitol was used as part of the war effort even as lawmakers continued to carry out legislative business in the complex, said Samuel Holliday, the society’s director of operations and scholarship.”
They have executed and planned a complete transformation just as Obama put in place. A perfect coup de tete.

The fact that the biden regime is issuing EO after EO bypassing the role of Congress shows this is not typical of American governance set up by our Founders.  Fox news just reported that he signed 37 orders to date. And he’s threatening EO to infringe on the second ammendment.
The fervor in which the FBI is attacking those who attended a rally on January 6th, attended not participating in, the planned riot is all the evidence we should need. The FBI is so intent on paralyzing Trumps supporters, or republicans, they let a known to them Syrian man create terrorism that killed 10 people in Boulder. The stalking by the FBI will not be limited to those attending the rally. The case is being laid for what they have labeled as Christian Nationalists, so we can be tracked and prosecuted. For what? So they can silence and paralyze Christians. Christians that hold to sound doctrine are violent according to them.
Today in bidens press conference he said the quiet part outloud he said when asked if he would run against Trump again in 2024, that there would be no republican party by then.”
You see they think their coup will be set solid with the world’s great rest.

He also brought up the 4th industrial revolution. You see that’s a huge part of the great reset and transhumanism.  I’ve written about that before. (MORE)
Then he lied through his teeth about the border.  The press that was picked for him gushed over him and said the people are rushing to the border because he’s such a good moral man.  I couldn’t believe it. And he ran with it. We’ve gone beyond a crises at the border and are now in a serious humanitarian crises caused by Biden. Moral is not in his resume, demonic, is.  Immorality oozes from his pores. From abortion to transgenderism. Have you seen that a transgender won the beauty pagent and was crowned Miss Silver State?  And the equality act is still in limbo. But that doesn’t stop them.
If you can’t see the forest for the trees you need to buy salve from Christ as he says in Revelation.
They are ramping up their efforts to squash conservative Christian personalities. They want to destroy them. Today Gab founder Abdrew Torba said what many are warning about. We’re rapidly coming into the beast kingdom and sooner than later we will see the unable to buy sell or trade without their mark.  Vaccine passports, chips, mRNA, DNA altering call it what you want but it’s a mark you do not want. Some have already lost their jobs and businesses for refusing to bow to the beast demanding masks and lock downs that are illegal.  Andrew Torba is looking for ways to help Christian business like restaurants and banks to form a community for us.

All while the Communist Party Of China (CCP) has tightened their grip on America. In a meeting in Alaska with China they essentially told America to shut up and sit down. After unleashing biological warfare on us and the world!

They are one of the worst abusers of human rights, torturing and slaughtering the uighar Muslims and constant persecution of Christians. And Biden says he admires XI so much because he’s so smart. Biden is forcing Americans to bow to a communist leader.  I refuse and I am not ashamed of the testimony of Christ. I bow and kneel only to the cross. Take a stand and find out who are Christian businesses in your area and go there.  Continue to call your representatives. Put on the belt of truth and plant your feet firm. God’s blessings and protection to all.

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