Border Crises A Bitter Pill To Swallow

The rapidly increasing crises at our border is not only a vile unesscesary humanitarian crises it is a bitter pill to swallow for this Christian.
I have watched over recent years, Christians fleeing death from middle eastern countries like Pakistan and Iran and have been in hiding in other countries as equally dangerous as the countries they fled, like Thailand and Turkey. 
I know this because I have written many times and have spoken to many brothers and sisters lost in the darkness. The US has refused to allow hundreds of them, asylum.  Canada did open for many but the process is hard to navigate and takes years. Years of suffering and hiding.
Biden told all of South America to come after he was elected and come they did. Our border is in crises, the living quarters
would be unacceptable for animals and resembles the detention centers of Thailand for those Christians they have rounded up. But Biden and the demoncrats are silent. Except for one Democrat that released photos, so it appears one Democrat has a conscience. (More)
What’s compounding this disaster is while Americans have had their lives and businesses destroyed by power grabbers related to a biological weapon and are fighting for basic rights, this has been unleashed on Americans. It was reported that one facility was 700% over capacity. And in one facility there is 50 that tested positive for this plague. (More) (more)
What’s worse is war could break out with the cartels and citizens. One report says “Much of Mexico’s fentanyl production is smuggled into the United States in the form of counterfeit pills.” (More)

There is an epidemic of death caused by fentanyl here. In Kansa city teenagers are overdosing. (More)

The CDC says 36,000 people died from fentanyl overdose in 2019. And they said this on their site: “The latest provisional drug overdose death counts through May 2020 suggest an acceleration of overdose deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
And the biden regime opened the gates and let it enter without consequences. We will be seeing the effects of this for years to come. It hurts to see the suffering even at the people at the border. Through tears they scream Biden promised me. Biden is the most despicable man, yet he sits in his ivory tower oblivious to the damage he’s done to America him and the demonic forces working through so many lawmakers.
So many effects the ugliest darkness yet, as young girls and women are tortured and raped by the coyotes who charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring them across.  Mexocos president has said Biden is inciting human trafficking.
So many have died in car crashes and most recently 2 teens have drowned crossing the Rio Grande.  This blood is on Biden and Pelosis hands.  As are the thousands of true Christian refugees denied entry the legal way. 
And what compounds it is Biden and Pelosi could care less about people it’s all done to give them power and for political reasons. I have been praying for God to turn their evil back on them ten fold. And yes, for those pearl clutching self righteous pharasies that’s an imprecatory prayer. God is the only one that can stop this mess. 
George Soros can be found lurking in the shadows with Satan, laughing at God and America. Even his home country banned him. Then there’s coward and pivens overwhelm the system plan to bring America down.
Two students of the satanic.
If you think God wants us to remain silent while this demonic element allows us to worship the way they want, turning up our music to not hear the cries of those suffering your following the father of lies.
Christians take a stand and stand firm. We have been marked for destruction or re-education.

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