Christianity Not Mysticism, Under Attack And Blamed For Riots January 6th

The moronic horned, self proclaimed shaman does not represent Christianity. It represents the demonic realm of false gods.

The one thing that the rioters on January 6th accomplished was the one thing satanic elements wanted.  And that was to discredit and denigrate Christianity in the eyes of the world. Which happened to go hand in hand with the demonic lefts claims of Trump supporters.
We have been gaslighted only in the way Satan can.
Here is a simple view of what transpired. This was a well organized plot by extremists I feel was backed by democrats.  You see new age Christianity is very dangerous. It threatens to give reason to democrats agenda to squash true Christian worship here.
Anyone with a brain will tell you that display was not Christian. Really, a horned shaman chanting and screaming does not represent Christ in any way.  I imagine Christ turned his head crying out in shame on that day. Why are supposed Christian media accusing Christianity because demons invoked the name of Christ? Have you forgotten that even demons believe in Christ? (More)
There are a few things that it seems noone speaks of. The first thing that raised a flag was when the morons were entering the senate. One of them screamed ” we might as well set up out government right now.”
If you have to ask were these true Trump supporters your just as moronic as those rioters.
Trump supporters were for America and for making their voices known. That’s it period. They wanted lawmakers to give honest scrutiny of election failures. They didn’t want to burn down the system, that was antifas battle cry.
Now for the timeline. It’s already been laid out on the National Pulse so I only want to point out that the first idiots that crashed into the Capitol were organized agitators.  You can see the disrespect for the police saying you better go there are 4 million people coming from the mall. 

You can see occasional support for the police but again antifa is police haters.
Now the media loves to show pictures of the gallows in front of the Capitol. Now again anyone with a brain would say how did they build that in such short time? How was that brought in so fast with Capitol police presence? If the media was true media they would have investigated that. But they can’t have the truth debunking their narrative that Trump supporters are terrorists. Again that is antifas work. They have done that before and with guillotines.
And yet no one not even Trump is speaking out for the thousands of peaceful protestors with the exception of one Senator.  Senator Ron Johnson said he wasn’t afraid that day because he knew Trump supporters loved America and would not disrupt or harm or destroy like Antifa or BLM. God bless him. But he is taking heat like you wouldn’t believe for simply stating the truth. They have been responsible for at least 26 deaths across our country last summer including a black police officer in St. Louis and even live streamed his death. The one image I can’t get out of my mind Is the image of them beating a man to death with a skateboard. Yet that gets zero condemnation. Joy Behar says antifa is only an idea. What she fails to say is its an idea that kills and destroys. It’s facism period.
Then there’s the image of them beating an older woman with a 2×4 while her husband is screaming. And yet the media worships them like they’re God’s.
Wake up understand what is happening. They are attempting to criminalize all who hold to the testimony of Christ. They Planned the shaman new age invasion and it’s bad. It’s so bad that Christians especially Evangelicals are labeled as terrorists. Evangelicals used to have a say in policy until they infiltrated and compromised leaders with satanic beliefs like abortion is Blessed by Christ. And LGBTQ is good and biblical values are bad. Do you see yet what is happening? We have been warning about the great deception and falling away for years. It’s here in full living color. Stop saying it’s not because you won’t be here to see it. Your seeing it now. Perhaps it’s too painful for you or too mind blowing to accept. But it’s here. I can’t even begin to tell you what awaits us but Christ did in Revelation. You would do well to heed his words in Revelation 2.
“… to you who do not hold to her (jezebel) teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets, ‘I will not impose any other burden on you, 25 except to hold on to what you have until I come.’

Hold to the testimony of Christ!

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