America May Never Come Back

The biden regime proudly proclaims America is back. No, the evil takeover is back though. The great reset is back, the fundamental change is back and out to destroy, changing all times, laws and customs.

America may never recover as this facist dictator rules with his pen.

Today’s news finds Americans knowing something isn’t right. Many say that and also say how empty even the White House feels.  Many know by now that we will never come back from the last 2 years.  The fundamental transformation Obama promised is rooted. States are beginning to fight back as best they can.  Making laws to counter the facist dictator installed as President.  And he or his handlers are indeed facists. Some say Biden is not there any more. I agree he has dementia that worsens by the day, when he says “President Harris and I wanted to tour….” It appears he doesn’t even know who is President.  He walks with a Parkinson like shuffle, he fell 3 times hard climbing the stairs of Air Force One. World leaders know this. He insulted Putin on National TV and refuses to debate him on TV. China in a meeting in Alaska slapped America and said you have no place to say anything to us. They unleashed a biological killing so many across the globe and they are praised not condemned.
Reports say unemployment claims are now higher than the great depression.
The military industrial complex at the Pentagon have been compromised. The Daily Caller has an article showing the biaes against millions of patriots over BLM and antifa, titled “Pentagon Brass is worried troops hold mainstream belief about BLM and Capitol Hill Rioting. They have started training sessions and have set up a network for troops to snitch on each other.

When the military top echelon adopts the belief systems of one political party you have the beginning of a coup.(More)

A Federal Judge has issued a dissent condemning MSM and calls them dangerous and says “The increased power of the press is so dangerous today because we are very close to one-party control of these institutions,” (More)

We’re coming up on Easter where the entire Christian world celebrates the resurrection of our Savior and one Pastor in California is begging to be allowed to worship.  This should never be in America.

The border is in utter chaos some republican lawmakers are speaking out but it’s not enough. They need to rise up and demand it stops. Fox news reported that the biden regime is considering flying migrants to the Canadian border.  One comment on that post said America will meld into South America that’s why they had to get rid of Trump. I believe that’s the best I’ve heard yet it explains so much given the global elites that have aligned with demonic forces for the great reset.
The biden regime is paying hundreds of thousands to put them in hotels, while Americans suffer. Governor Abbott of Texas reports outbreaks of the plague at detention facilities. (More)

Governor Cuomo of New York sent thousands of elderly to their deaths in Nursing homes and he still refuses to resign.

Isaiah 10:1
Woe to those who enact evil statutes
And to those who constantly record unjust decisions.

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