Go Back A Decade And You Will See How Even Muammar Gaddafi Knew What They Planned

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

What`cha gonna do when they come for you?

Some years ago there was a TV show titled “Cops” their theme song was “Bad boys bad boys what`cha gonna do when they come for you?”
We need to ask ourselves this question now. All prophecy preachers and watchmen all say the same thing. We are in dark prophetic times. A few months ago I posted that in my opinion the four horsemen of the apocalypse were about to converge. Well it’s happening in real time. 
In these Images we have a conquerer, we have war, we have famine, and death followed by Hades.
You get the picture.

The evil infesting our government is darker than most know. The military is now prioritizing LGBTQ and intersection persons. This comes after they attacked Tucker Carlson on his opinion of women in combat. When the military attacks a journalist for using his right of free speech it’s called a coup.
They’re still coming after Tucker. They’re coming in hot. Brian shelter said among other things that Tucker was the new Donald Trump inciting hate. I haven’t watched much of Fox since they turned liberal like Chris Wallace but I do watch Tucker. What the left is doing to him is shameful.  They are attacking many conservative Christians also and they’re not playing. They will come after us.

Everyone knows about the drag queen story hour that schools and libraries were pushing before the China plague. Well according to the Post Millenial – “Brett Blomme, Circuit Court Judge at Milwaukee County and former president and CEO of a Drag Queen Story Hour foundation, has been arrested on counts of child pornography.”
The demonic wants our children. They’ve already started coming for them.

In another report it states that a California bill will exclude Christians from its police departments. Because we’re too violent.
And in Canada there’s a father still facing jail time for refusing to recognize his daughter as a boy. (More)It’s coming here fast.
And Biden is mulling what’s being called at home abortions because they are that afraid Roe V Wade could be overturned.
A Catholic priest is calling out Biden and those who voted for him.  I agree with him. This is not an atheist or Satanist he proclaims to be part of our family in Christ!
You have no idea the darkness that is rooted all around. And if you go back a decade even 2 you will see where we are. 

To fully understand what is transpiring today, we have to go back a few years.  I’ll start with Muamar Ghadafi, and his speech at the U.N. in 2009.  A video clip has emerged with about 45 seconds or so of his speech, thanks Steve Quayle, and that brought the archives of my mind into action. (watch) I watched that speech, I recorded that speech.  I saw his translator collapse from exhaustion and faint.  Our media and obama portrayed it as ramblings of a psychopath.  Yes, Ghadaffi was evil, President Reagan sent a missile up Ghadafi’s tent skirts.  And it worked for a time.  His speech gave more information than wikileaks ever thought of.  He went over every war since WWl, listing each evil with each war. Panama, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Somalia, and ended with Iraq.  The short video clip out now of his speech has him talking about viruses, and vaccinations.  He said virus’s are made by corporations and so are vaccines.  He talks about how evil it is to charge for these vaccinations.  He spoke of future vaccinations, and viruses.  Leading us to today.  Regardless of what you think he was prophetic as he said the virus would be made and get out of control.  That is what happened even if the media lies to cover it up.  China unleashed a biochemical on the world.  The only thing that has not been proven completely is was it an accident or intentional. Chinese scientists that are in hiding here, say it’s intentional, and I believe them.  Many asked and are still asking why did they keep life saving medication from use? Like Hydroxycholriquin, I believe it is as simple as stated by Muamar Ghadifi in his speech. It was so the corporations big pharma could make money.  This simple medication could not make them the money or achieve their goals.  You see China used gain of function research, and have been collecting our DNA through tests that gave them the knowledge they needed to finish their work.  The work of making a virus that could target specific groups of people based on their DNA.  I don’t believe their work is complete, but it’s very dark. We have yet to see the full effect of the vaccinations. With MRNA invading our bodies one Doctor states it alters significantly God’s creation.

Another says just say no after explaining what damage the vaccines can do. (Watch)

Ghadafi ranted about other things also, his speech at the time, brought me to my knees praying.  I will never forget the manner in which he was assassinated or the maniacle laugh Hillary Clinton gave while watching his execution at the hand of what I call savages, she said, “we came, we saw, he died.”  She truly is demon possessed. You can read Ghadaffi’s speech, and it will give you a clear picture of why he was killed, and even why Ambassador Stevens and more was left to die. This evil goes way deeper than you know, or think.

Next George Soros, when I and others wrote about him a few years ago we were labled Conspiracy theorists, and still carry that name today.  But it’s not conspiracy, it’s fact. A new report has surfaced that Myanmar has barred George Soros and they have evidence he was involved in a color revolution there currently.  They are seizing assets and issuing arrest warrants. (More)Poland also banned him.  He needs to be tried in an international court and imprisoned.  His open border society has been said to fund dissention and destruction.  I believe he is even traced to BLM and Antifa funding to do the same to America that he’s done around the world.  According to Tucker Soros has been involved in local DA races with some of the most progressive left.

Bush, then Obama started this new world order they now call the great reset, funded by the elite and billionaires like Soros and Gates, and it was suppose to be finished in 2016 but the American people stood up and said Not on our Watch, and we had a 4 year reprieve, but the great reset is happening fast and it’s almost finished.

We can no longer afford to remain silent and complacent while evil overtakes us and the world. Many are asking that you gather information and pass it on. Pass it on in whatever media at forms we have left. Trump passed the torch to us as our grandparents did. We have to engage. Call your Senators and Representatives let them know you expect them to fight against restricting free speech, against the equality act that will destroy our right to worship and live biblical values. Tell them to fight against gun control. Take a stand before we can’t speak out. Stand firm in the testimony of Jesus Christ!

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