Mike Lindell Is The Left’s Latest Prey who Will Stand Against The Evil Surrounding Us

The Leftist Demons have turned their blood lust out after Mike Lindell. The gaslighting,lying media are solely concentrated on destroying this man. Mike is very vocal about his Christian beliefs. He said his faith and prayer sustains him and gives him strength to endure these spiritual attacks.
They are coming after him the same way they came for Michael Flynn and everyone close to Donald Trump. Mike hasn’t according to one report been able to go home for weeks due to threats. His social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook has been removed by them. He is about to launch his own site free of censorship. Called VOCL.

Many stores like Walmart have banned his products. They are trying to destroy him.
Mike recovered and was lifted from a coccaine addiction after he had hit bottom. I’m reading his book now, this is why they’re coming after him. He has a successful business and a center for recovering addicts. He gives hope to so many.
Yesterday the Minnesota Star Tribune wote a completely false article attacking Mike, Cristianity and recovering addicts. They called him a crack cocaine addict that is addicted to attention. They lied about everything even down to how many employees he has. Whats so striking about their lies is Mike trusted them so he gave them access to his employees and even his attorney Alan Dershowitz. They weren’t interested in using truth from their interview with Mr. Dershowitz, only in information they could twist and lie about.
Today other news agencies also wrote and spread their filth. Calling him a conspiracy theorist for investigating the election fraud so evident to millions, saying his theory about the machines had been thoroughly debunked. Thats an out and out lie that they couldn’t even give facts to back up. But do you know how many will believe that? You would be utterly shocked. As I was to find out how many had no desire to seek truth. But that’s what gaslighting is. Its not new they used it in Germany under Hitler, and others like Stalin. How else do you think they manipulated millions of people. If you think gaslighting is just another word for lying you’d better research it. Even a Catholic Bishop is calling out the election fraud.

The growing field of Christians falling away is proof how serious this is. One Pastor in California literally announced Christ was a racist! He used scripture from Christs encounter with a woman who wanted Christ to heal her son when he said to her its not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs. Christ was testing her faith but this weak kneed doctrine of demons preacher said Christ called her a dog because of her race. See whats happening?
Same thing Hitler did to the church in Germany.
There’s another article that set every alarm bell in my head off at once.
It started off by saying QANON was not a contributing force in the January 6th riot at the capitol. Even saying right wing groups weren’t responsible. What they wrote next was frightening. A think tank at a university in Chicago laid it out that the rioters were from middle America employed and even business owners. They said this was a new grouping with violence at its core. They have labeled millions of people violent. And the calls to label us Christian Nationals are increasing. (More)
They are truly coming after those who refuse to accept their poison. Thats you and me and millions more. If their re-education campaigns put in place by the gaslighting media fail their reconciliation committees and camps come next.
CNN`S Don Lemon went on another hate filled rant yesterday about Christians because the Pope said the church wouldn’t bless same sex unions. He blames racism and bigotry for Christians not accepting gay marriage. Everything is racist. (More)
I know its overwhelming looking at the whole picture. So take it one battle at a time. Pray for Mike Lindell and ask God to send the evil demons chaing him back on those allowing them to work through them. Pray God’s protection for him. Pray for the intercessors standing up to these demons.

Mike Lindell is the picture of the American Dream but more important he’s the epitome of what God can do in your life if you trust in Christ. The last thing in Mike’s book “What are the odds?” is Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

We really are in a spiritual war. Stand together and stand firm. And remember first they came. Today it’s Mike Lindell tomorrow it will be all Christians who hold to the testamen of Jesus Christ. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

From Mike’s Website MyPillow.com

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