The Supernatural Is Now Made Natural

Bear with me this is possibly one of the most important posts I’ve written.
I’ve been mulling over a story for a couple of weeks.  God won’t allow me to walk away from it.  It keeps coming back in a myriad of ways.  People I respect and have learned to listen to because they are proven right, are sounding the trumpet.  I didn’t know how to bring this but now it’s urgent. 
Christians, we’re running out of time. The demonic takeover of our country and the world is almost complete.
This is not hyperbole. Yes it may look all normal in your community but looks can be deceiving. I don’t have to tell you that after the last year of the bizarre in our lives.
Our Capitol is occupied because Pelosi and company are scared of their own shadow because of all the evil they have done. This won’t protect them from the demons that dwell inside them. Its reminiscent of Revelation when they hide in caves and beg the stones to fall and hide them from Christ’s wrath.
They openly push God away like Nadler who loudly stated God is not welcome in this house. 
Conservative Christians are being attacked wherever they are. The conservative Christian owned social media site Gab was hacked and held for ransom. That’s a true story. I watched it happen.  It’s a spiritual war and it’s raging.
After the attack didn’t shut them down. Texas governor Abott came out on National News and said he wasn’t going to allow antisemitic Gab in his state. What??? He said its an antisemitic site. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It’s come out that Abbott has ties to the Chinese communist party. This hurts because Texas has always seemed to be a strong state. These lies and spiritual attacks are strengthening. 

Gab has had 4 banks dump them and they are not allowed to use their services. Even a bank owned by Christians dumped them.

The Evangelical Christian Credit Union who says they welcome Christian businesses fell into the pit of cancel culture.

It’s worth noting that many Evangelicals have been exposed as supporting Biden. A man who kills babies.  The Texas satanic temple is suing the state of Texas because of their laws governing abortion. They finally admit abortion is a sacred rite for them. Blood lust of Satan is real.(more)

I have to move along. You can’t even imagine what the demonic has been doing and promoting.
Yesterday a report surfaced on what the California school system is now promoting. They want to teach and force children to chant spells and prayers to the Aztec god. Also teaching cannibalism.  If I have to tell you what’s wrong with this you need to get on your knees. 
From Gateway Pundit:
“Christian prayer in public school is prohibited, but now the Marxists in California are trying to force millions of students to chant to the Aztec gods of human sacrifice and cannibalism.
California’s proposed “ethnic studies” curriculum calls for the “decolonization” of American society and a “counter-genocide” against white Christians.”

“For those with eyes to see” the demons are now in plain site.
This next story will turn your stomach but you have to be made aware that cannibalism has surfaced before in the last few years and days. Purely satanic and demonic they will not stop until God’s creation is corrupted and destroyed.  Lucifer vowed that from the beginning. Through various reports from conservatives like Doug Haggman, Dave Hodges and Steve Quayle I was pointed to a website that touted you could eat celebrities. I’ll repeat that you could eat celebrities.
Apparently research for lab Grown meat has exploded. And is now a raging fire. Especially with Bill Gates Revelation that we would soon be eating fake meat. Think it’s vegetables? Think again. Some might be, but it’s the other alternative that scares me. They can now take cells from blood and tissue of say your favorite celebrity and make meat for you to consume. It’s true. Research it like I did and you’ll be left speechless like I was.  I said God I can’t believe or write about this.  He said you will. You were warned about the tribulation and about the beast overtaking the world.
So I researched and here I am.

Screen shot from their website

Satan has a blood lust that will never be quenched.  We thought abortion came from Satan and it does but this takes it further. Christ tells us our bodies is the Temple of God. So Satan had to create ways to desecrate this Holy Temple like he did the Jewish Temple. Read that again.  So many pastors said if you take a drink of alcohol or if you smoke your defiling God’s Temple. But that’s not it. We now know that abortion and cannibalism is a perfect way to desecrate the Temple of God. Couple that with the gene therapy designed to alter our DNA and the use of aborted stem cells in everything from our medicine to vaccines and now our food.
Steve Quayle said “we now have the angel of death over our Country” and I agree with him.

I’m grieved in my spirit as I write this.  Christ warned us and we didn’t even know the scope of his warnings until today. The supernatural is now natural, the conspiracy theory is now reality. It’s time to prepare get in the word of God and pray. Pray not like you have in the past pray for protection for Christians and Jews that God is saving for a remnant.
Revelation 12:17 (This is happening today)
As many have thrown the testimony of Christ to the wind and are now falling in line with doctrines of demons supporting abortion outright or supporting those who do. And many other sins like altering God’s creation by removing those distinctions God made between a man and a woman. I could go on, and now seeking other God’s even cannibalism. And this doesn’t even cover transhumanism. But that’s another post.
“Then the dragon became furious with the woman and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. And he stood on the sand of the sea.”

Pray for those holding to the testimony of Christ.
Ask God to lead you to what he wants you to pray for. For me it’s Psalm 94. Prepare your minds. And stand firm in God’s word. Even Christ defeated Satan on the mountain by using God’s word. It’s our most powerful tool that and prayer. God be with you. May His light shine on you.

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