Biden Has Created A Humanitarian Crises At Our Border

Bidens actions have caused a crises that even those on the left are calling out. Of course state run media covers it up and Bidens press secretary denies any evidence.

Biden halted all border wall construction and ended Trumps wait in Mexico policy. He tried to stop all deportations of criminal illegals. And his administration locked ICE’s Twitter account to keep them from notifying citizens of illegal migrants with a criminal background released into their city.(More)

Even the Democrats are saying we will have a disaster on our southern border very soon. Representative Cuellar, said “inaction is not an option” and warned Biden of a crises from a surge of migrants during a Pandemic. (More)

There are TV news reports that said many were being released in America testing positive for Covid.

Biden told all to come to America while he campaigned and now says oh don’t come now we didn’t mean now. I watched a news report by Real America’s News correspondent at the border. Tijuana is struggling.  It’s a sea of tents. One thing that sticks out is many are wearing  T shirts that say Biden let us in. Who is paying for those and the photo ops of tens of migrants kneeling with those shirts and waving Biden banners. 
Yesterday an older SUV blew through a checkpoint and hit a gravel truck head on. The SUV it’s said had 27 people packed in there.  13 died. This is on Biden. What he has done is a humanitarian crises and through this he is committing human rights abuses.
312 Children are here every day!  (More)

The cages(facilities) are at full capacity. They reopened cages to house them calling it facilities not cages and Biden has banned reporters from entering.
Our border is overwhelmed. If the thousands of people in these migrant tent cities get a green light imagine what will happen.
It’s so sad. It was reported yesterday that there appeared to be UN personnel helping them cross the border.

Border towns in America are already strapped.  Last week a mayor begged Biden not to allow them to swarm his town. As resources were slim and he couldn’t provide support.

Even Politico has called out Biden for this crises. (More)
So is it humane to let people crowd into camps with no facilities while they wait for Biden to let them in? He owns this crises lock stock and barrel. He created this crises as Americans are suffering and out of work and weary for draconian lock downs and mandates Biden did this. 

He doesn’t care about people period, much less about America. He’s the leader of the party of death and destruction.
Cloward and Piven’s strategy of flooding and overwhelming the system is in full swing. Destroy America and the American dream and join the global reset. It’s real and happening now.

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